Amog Ambition: Domino’s First Pizza on the Moon Plan

What’s your favorite pizza to eat, Amog readers? No matter what it may be, one thing is for certain with pizza company Domino’s: they don’t stop at only the world, they want they’re pizza on the moon! Domino’s Japan has a plan to build the first pizza restaurant on the moon. Perfect for whoever gets munchies on the moon because lets the next 20 years inhabitation on the moon will be possible, right? According to

The details of the project include a rendering of the construction plan for a dome-shaped concrete Domino’s restaurant on their site, developed by a construction firm Maeda Corp, with an estimated cost of about $21 billion.

The move seems to have triggered from the rival pizza chain, Pizza Hut, which became the first company in history to deliver pizza straight to outer space, back in 2001. The Pizza Hut chain revealed that it paid the Russian space agency about $1m for the promotional stunt, including footage of Mr Usachov flashing a thumbs-up after eating the pizza, and for pasting the chain’s logo on a rocket last year.

Geez, does Domino’s have the kind of money? Estimates for pulling this off and being the first restaurant on the moon’s surface would cost 4.5 billion to transport 70 tons of construction to the moon with 15 rockets. One’s gotta wonder how long it will take to make profit from such an investment. So what say  you, Amog reader? Do you think this is just a marketing ploy to draw attention to how yummy Domino’s pizza can be?

We can’t ignore the bad history and reputation Domino’s had to fight through with a strong PR team once, when two employees were filmed doing nasty stuff in this video. Still, Domino’s bounced back with a series of great commercials showing how the ingredients are now made in their pizzas. Remember the one commercial with the fake customer panel that opened to display a field of cows? That’s innovative marketing, and helped give people a look into where the cheese, tomatoes, and other ingredients came from for the pizzas made. After several months of airing these commercials, people began to slowly forget about what happened and now Domino’s is headed for the moon!

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