Geeky Propaganda Posters

I’m definitely in the minority of people who are fascinated by history. I’m not going to bore people with the reasons why, but it’s a subject that I’ve always wanted to expand my knowledge in. One of the most interesting parts of history is going back and discovering propaganda used during a specific historical period. Seriously. Some of it is just mind-blowing (if you don’t believe me than check out an article AMOG did last year on WWI propaganda).

But, if there’s anything more intriguing to me than history, than it’s reliving my childhood. I’m talking about anything that has to do with cartoons, comics, movies or classic video games that I grew up with. That’s why the following fake propaganda posters are a win-win.

Up first are four prints designed by Fro Design Co. The posters are meant to replicate ones that you would find during WWII. What’s really awesome about these prints is that they’re meant for people to stand up against Mario and join King Koopa. The posters are being sold as a set for $80.

The next set of posters were designed by Etsy user monkeyminion. They’re also for sale at $20 a piece. The three posters are from the Star Wars universe, making them a perfect addition to your home for the upcoming Blu-Ray release, so that makes them awesome enough. The first poster is used for gaining support for The Alliance, the second for the Empire and the third for a career in bounty hunting.

Finally, we have a collection of various other propaganda posters from classic video games including Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Space Invaders.

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  1. Hermitbiker says:

    ….. I like history too…. a couple of photo’s have a pixel problem… but the rest are geeky cool stuff… lol !! I like it here anyway !!