Internet Meme of the Year: Batmanning

Amog presented lots of memes in the past that had everyone laughing hard. How silly is it to drive up to a drive thru and crush an ice cream cone in the hands of an employee? We’ve covered planking, coning, owling, and what’s known as gripping, now we want to bring to you one of the harder things to do if you want to join in on the internet meme fun. How many of you readers out there know about something called Batmanning? Better get on some sturdy shoes and a lot of bravery for this one!

In this video, we discover that batmanning was in fact invented at Purdue University and according to

The earliest instance of Batmanning on YouTube dates back to July 20th, 2008, when YouTuber keralady uploaded a video showing a group of young adults hanging upside down from the handrail on a moving subway car. Over the span of three years, the video remained relatively unknown with a little over 31,000 views.

On August 29th, 2011, a group of college students uploaded a video titled “Original Batmanning video” onto their YouTube channel. It was created by the Lins Brothers, a group of friends at Purdue University who have been making YouTube videos since January 2008.

There is a much higher level of danger with Batmanning, including breaking your neck if falling from a really high place you try to outdo your friends on. Amog doesn’t expect to see a death report because for sure  some bonehead will undoubtedly try to batman off a rail at the Grand Canyon and then become nothing but a dead joker (see what we did there?) The first thing we wonder is how do people position themselves on things to do the batmanning? We’d love to see an instructional on it, but if the risk of doing it in the first place satisfied college students and internet warriors enough to have Tumblr accounts and articles written everyday on the subject, then we at Amog can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Have you tried Batmanning yet, reader? If so we’d love to hear your story about how you did it, who you did it with, and where it was.


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