Tony “Mr. Choke” Romo Will Never Win a Super Bowl

As the clock ticked down to the conclusion of the thrilling Jets-Cowboys game on the first Sunday night game of the 2011 season, it became official. The Dallas Cowboys will never reach the Super Bowl with Tony Romo.

Most fans can recall the numerous moments in the last several years where the Cowboys fell short of victory. And, granted, not all of those losses where Romo’s fault, but looking back a majority of them were. Some fans may even try to pin the blame on the offensive line, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, or whatever else is the easy target for that particular loss. But, when it’s time to seal the deal, Romo constantly fails. Here’s a look back at the failures of Tony Romo and why he’s not only overrated, but also perhaps the biggest choke artist currently in the NFL.

January 6, 2007


In fairness, Romo did save the Cowboys’ 2006 season after replacing Drew Bledsoe, which probably had Cowboys fans thinking that this was their Tom Brady in the making. The Cowboys believed that they had their fist postseason win since 1996 in a wild-card game against Seattle. With only 1:19 to go Dallas went for a 19-yard field goal that would have won the game. Instead, Romo botched the snap, which the Seahawks recovered, and preserved their 21-20 lead for the win.

January 13, 2008

Another Romo mistake that prevented Dallas from advancing in the playoffs. Sure, Romo had a Pro Bowl year, but it was the interception he threw to R.W. McQuarters in the end zone that secured the Giants 21 to 17 victory.

December 28, 2008

In a do-or-die match-up for both Dallas and the Eagles, Romo yet again came up short. Philly dominated Dallas in a 44-6 whipping that helped Philly secure a wild-card spot and sent Dallas home for the season. Whole the Cowboys as a team just got outplayed, it was Romo with three turnovers that sealed the team’s fate.

January 17, 2010

Dallas bounced back from their early departure the previous season and made the playoffs once again. They went to Minnesota for a Divisional playoff game against Brett Favre and the Vikings. Instead of an upset, they received a proper 34-3 beating, which included a Romo interception and two fumbles in the loop-sided game.

September 11, 2011

Just like last season, Dallas collapsed during their opening game. The beginning of the end for Romo and the Cowboys occurred when he fumbled the ball on the Jets 2-yard line. While New York wasn’t able to gain any points off the turnover, it prevented Dallas from all-but-ending the game. Later in the fourth quarter, with 59 seconds remaining in the tied game, Romo was picked off by Darrelle Revis. The Jets’ Nick Folk managed to hit a 50-yard field goal shortly after the turnover, which subsequently won the game. Following the next Cowboys drive Romo got in the chest when he wasn’t ready for the snap, which only made his fourth quarter performance look even more ridiculous.

While there are undoubtedly many Romo supporters who shake off the above games, here are some final points to consider. During the month of December, a clutch month for a QB, Romo has been awful. From 2006 to 2008, Romo lead quarterbacks in turnovers with five fumbles and nineteen interceptions. He’s also only won one playoff game and has lost three. That’s not exactly promising for your franchise quarterback, especially one who has a history of choking during when his team needs him the most.

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  2. haha says:

    Your opinion is just that those are not facts and should not be preceved as such. Take for example the fact that giants one the superbowl that the year they beat the cowboys in the playoffs hmmmmm. Did they pick Brady off does that mean he’s a choke artist too. What about a line who let’s there qb get hit over 20 times a game does that equate for a few turnovers I’d say so what about mark sanchez fumble and interception. Your opionionated story is based in opionionated facts get it right and don’t make yourself look so stupid next time.

  3. ajc says:

    Tony Romo = Danny White. Good stats; no Superbowl.