Osaka, Japan: Spectacular Time-Telling Waterfall


The largest shopping mall in Japan is located in the city of Osaka. Aside from the many splendid shops and restaurants, Osaka Station City complex has one feature that outshines shopping malls everywhere; an incredible fountain that can display with drops of water the time as well as artwork.

Located in the South Gate Building of the new shopping complex, the animated, rectangular water display was created by KOEI Industry, a local firm. The Osaka fountain enthralls passersby as it goes far beyond presenting the time. It puts on a show as enthralling as an old MGM musical, which includes the time amid countless, unique and dynamic artistic patterns.

KOEI industry’s mantra is the guarding of our planet’s natural gifts. In addition, the company pushes the concept of water as much more than a basic human necessity. Through their creations, water has become relegated to a medium for human creativity and part of a majestic natural heritage preserved for future generations.

The message behind the creation of the Osaka fountain is the development of a model for mankind and nature to coexist in harmony. The endless water streams that comprise the fountain are each accurately and precisely controlled. The letters and patterns are created on a curtain that is continuously formed by the streams of water.

This incredibly creative water entertainment is much more than an upgrade from the conventional digital clock display found in most public shopping centers. It is not just water that is behind this magical installation. A series of lighting effects greatly enhance the water flow and design

KOEI has sought to create a human environment worthy of the age and has succeeded with the magnificent Osaka fountain.

Check out the video below:

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