Amog Presents: What Girls Look At

Amog has been waiting for an experiment like this one to happen for a while now! What happens when you attach 4 cameras to a strapping young man with retina sensors to the biceps, butt, crotch, and glasses? You get a glimpse into what women look at when holding a conversation with some of them. What’s interesting about this video is that women are so subtle about what and how they look (well most of them). We can learn a lot about this interesting species while out in the wild, so watch the video below and observe with the Amog den:

In the 1st instance, we have a couple of young women and they check out these body parts for the effect they have on their nervous system: Biceps (4 times)

Chick #2: She looks at the crotch twice. Being that she’s from Jersey, I guess they like it dirty over there!

Chick #3- a real cute black chick that looked at his bicep twice. Is it just Amog or do chicks like arms more than whats down under? *Kanye shrug*

Chick #4- after a lot of running around for the young man with the cameras in his backpack, he takes to the subway to find a woman that checks out his biceps twice (again!)

Chick #5- while on the train, a lady checks out the guys crotch while giving a ‘come hither’ look like you see in a porno or something. Women are no different in mannerisms than men. Amog knows!

Chick #6- 1 bicep, 1 butt, and one crotch. This redhead seems to be the wholesome one who takes everything into consideration, know what we mean? Of course you do.

Chicks #7- 1 crotch and 1 butt shot. Think women are more daring in groups of three? You’ll enjoy watching them then!

Chick #8- These two attractive women offer Anthony the chance to walk a mile with them, but not before staring at his..well, we’ll let you watch the video and find out for yourself.

So what about it, Amog reader; have you learned a little more about women through this article? If not don’t worry, most people are still clueless about what they really want.


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