The Amog Meme: Schick Introduces ‘Razorbombing’

If your not convinced that 2011 is the year for an onslaught of internet memes, you must be living in a cave somewhere. Even brands like shaving company Schick (a unit of Energizer Holdings) are jumping on the bandwagon for what is known as “Razorbombing”. For those out of the loop, razorbombing is when someone takes a photo with a razor in the foreground to create a visual pun. Those who remember our posts on planking know all about visual puns and how funny they can come out in a picture. Schick started a campaign on Buzzfeed called the “Shave the World” contest to start it off, setting winners up with $10,000 if they can user razorboming to great efforts.

Andrew Foote, senior vice president of Edelman Digital, the agency behind the effort, says the effort is an example of a “bottom-up campaign” that involves consumers in the creative process. Foote says the campaign is more about involvement than trying to create a new meme per se.

The campaign also makes sure to give attention to  Schick Xtreme3′s “refresh” brand, which gives credence to encouraging Schick users to shaking up your lifestyle. The brand has already seen some success by creating a Twitter for themselves, which has gotten 13, 500 followers in around 3 months. Not bad for a half meme/ half awareness campaign!

Amog loves the creativity internet memes can bring, and now that popular brands you use everyday are using them, do you think your next bowl of Raisin Bran cereal will have some some of internet meme action going on? Do you think a brand can create a meme like college students and random people on the internet do? What about celebrities trying to create a brand and a meme in the process?

Amog wants to hear all about your ideas for a meme: what would it be? Would it involve a regular household item or type of food? Maybe you would create a meme from some type of hardware like an iPhone or something. Amog would like to start a internet meme contest someday soon, so lets hear your comments on what you’d like us to create and we’ll get on it!


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