Portable Hotels in Airports

So many times when traveling through various airports I and many others have run into the same problem when a flight is delayed: either staying in the airport overnight sleeping on uncomfortable chairs, or being stuck in an overcrowded hotel the airline booked you in with a whole bunch of other people. To get rid of the frustration, why not try a Sleepbox, a mini hotel room that can change the way you inhibit tight situations altogether. The Sleepbox has awesome features you will want in a hotel room, all in a 2.5×1.6m base (3m high) near an airport ‘clean’ area, right in front of the entrance gates. Who would love to catch some winks here before embarking on a flight?

According to The Next Web, inside the Sleepbox are tons of amenities you’ll appreciate for such a small quarters, like:

  • LED reading lamps
  •  Sockets for charging laptops
  • Charge ports for Mobile phones

The pod itself is constructed from ‘ash-veneered MDF’, and has aesthetic reinforcements like metal or glass-reinforced plastic Sleepboxes for a new look. Of course, airports would add a fee for being able to stay in one of these cool pods, but wouldn’t it be worth it? Next timwhead, weary travelers will gladly use these impressive pods if they became available in the various airports and train stations around the world.

The site offers a sales pitch for each possible vendor they could possibly have Sleepboxes in:

For Airport operators

Offer travelers a long-needed service inside airport terminals. Earn extra revenue from space which is not otherwise usable for commercial rent.

For Airlines
Provide to frequent flyers an opportunity to relax, re-energize and work in a private booth in frequent flyer lounges. SLEEPBOX will also help to improve brand presence in the airports.

For Hotel chains
Hotels can significantly increase brand exposure over the target audience during their trip. Offer hospitality from departure terminal to the destination.

For entrepreneurs
Most airports and train stations do not offer travelers a place to take a quick nap, rest or sleep overnight in the terminal. SLEEPBOX can be used in case of layovers, flight delays or cancellations.
Offer your clients to:
–Take a nap or rest in a safe environment
–Spend a night safely and cheaply
–Work in comfort and privacy
–Kill time without carrying luggage
–Avoid the hassle of finding a hotel
Suggested rate is 15 USD per hour and 50 USD per night.

So would you invest in a Sleepbox, reader? Amog thinks these could be pretty popular in the future! Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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