Thief Swallows Stolen Diamond

In a restaurant in the luxurious resort town of Marbella, Spain, a thief saw his golden opportunity when he noticed a handbag on the floor by the chair of a British woman engaged in conversation. He and his partner entered the busy restaurant and one of them swiped the bag, which contained $3,000 in cash and a pendant with a diamond worth $16,500.

When the men left, the woman discovered her handbag was missing and notified police. It took them a few hours to locate the thieves who were stopped at a routine checkpoint. There were four riders in the car, and when the police found they all had criminal records, they became immediately suspicious.

The police forced a search of the car and while it was taking place, an officer noticed that one of the men put a hand toward his mouth. They found a purse containing cash and a pendant, but the diamond was missing.

According to police:

“This gesture and the fact that they had found the pendant without the diamond made the police think he may have swallowed it.

To find the stone, those arrested were taken to a medical center where they underwent X-rays, and the diamond was located inside the stomach of one of them, who admitted swallowing it.”

Not only does crime not pay, it doesn’t pay to swallow the booty either!

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