Amog Internet Meme of the week: Penny Pong

Reader, lately we have been keeping a close eye on super fun internet memes of the world, but we at Amog think this one takes the cake. The video we found┬ástarts off with a train full of people. A guy randomly asks another guy out loud if he plays ping pong. The other guy says yes, and then a battle begins which is unforgettable: imagine two guys hitting a penny (yes, a penny) as hard as they can across an open area for a prolonged amount of time. It’s a very complicated game that looks easy to these professionals, who can knock this penny around for hours it seems between the two.

The rivals then go to penny pong battle everywhere, and it draws attention because of how fascinating it really is: imagine seeing two guys hit at high speed a penny! Would that freak you out or mildly fascinate you? For us at Amog we’d be the first to join in and learn it ourselves! The funny thing is, penny pong can be played anywhere among two professionals, otherwise we at Amog imagine people really getting hurt by a penny flying at 25 MPH..we digress. For most of this video we see the two passionately knocking the penny around at close range, then among three people! Not bad for an internet meme that doesn’t involve hanging upside down or planking on a balcony. Now that internet memes are moving into a sport, there’s no telling what else will be invented this year for people to do!

The video shows it being played everywhere, but we’re not sure it’s exactly the best game to play in a restaurant or an airplane..probably too noisy, don’t you think? Amog wants to know your thoughts on this game; would you play it with your friends? How much practice do you think it takes? We imagine it takes days of practice to be able to pull this meme off; Amog loves to play a game of regular ping pong every now and then when we’re hanging out, but we’ve never seen a game like this! Let’s hear your thoughts on Penny Pong in the comments.

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