Why Are We Fascinated With Tim Tebow?

By now you’ve probably heard of “Tebowing”.

If you’re not familiar with the current craze, it’s a meme, like planking, where people drop to one knee with a hand resting on their forehead as they pray, like Tebow does in the above picture.

“Tebowing” was reportedly coined by former Denver native Jared Kleinstein, who perfected the pose at a bar while watching football. Sine then, he’s set up a “Tebowing” website where people can submit their very own “Tebowing” pics, which gets around 400,000 hits a day. These include everything from people “Tebowing” in front of historic landmarks, during their wedding and soldiers overseas. Even Tebows teammate Von Miller got in on the action.

While Tebow doesn’t mind the phenomenon, it’s hard for me to comprehend.

It’s not the fact that “Tebowing” has taken off, it’s easy and stupid enough for people to embrace, it’s the fascination with Tim Tebow.

While I understand that he had a remarkable college career, how is it that he’s become such a household name without being a legitimate NFL superstar?

Sure, he had a remarkable comeback win against the Dolphins. But, that was against the suck-for-Luck-contenders. When he faced a better team, the Lions, he had a horrible game, which resulted in some mock “Tebowing”. He’s far from being an elite NFL quarterback for now.


However, even before he became the Broncos starting QB, he had his own Jockey commercial, and, even people associated with him had their 15-minutes of fame, like his beyond-hot-friend Erin Drewes.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

For years, just the mention of Tebow has caused controversy. Some people love him. Others despise him.

Perhaps it’s his religious views, but the NFL is full of players praying, screaming Jesus, etc. In a way, most fans should be used to it. However, Tebow has taken it further than most other players. Remember, this is the same guy that had a pro-life commercial during the freaking Super Bowl. But, still, that alone shouldn’t make him such a controversial figure. There are guys in the NFL with DUIs, gun charges and accusations of sexual abuse, who don’t receive the amount of criticism that Tebow does. The point being, that as fans, we can forgive and forget about players off-the-field-issues, whether good or bad.

Maybe people are divided over wanting to see him succeed or fail. There are Tebow supporters who want him to become a great NFL player because they’re tired of seeing Heisman winners flunk out in the pros. Then, there’s the flip-side of that. People may not want Tebow to have success because they believe he was always overrated.

Still, I can’t understand the whole Tebow craze. That goes for supporting and rooting against him. It’s mind boggling.

Please, someone try to explain it to me.

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