Japan Creates Poop Powered Motorcycle

Earlier this year we wrote a piece about a Japanese scientist who made burgers out of poo. Now, the Japanese have created a motorcycle that runs on excrement.

The Toilet Bike Neo, which was created by toilet manufacturer Toto, was first unveiled in October. More recently, the bike completed a 870-mile ride across Japan.

The three-wheeled motorcycle weighs 837 pounds, travels 186 miles per stretch and reaches a speed of 45 mph. It can also play music, talk and write messages in Japanese by using LED lights. The bike is fueled with household and livestock waste that produces an eco-friendly biogas, which is stored in tanks located in the back.

The Toilet Bike Neo’s design features a non-working toilet as a seat, a roll of toilet paper behind the seat and a miniature toilet above the headlights that serves as a hood ornament.

The whole purpose of this experiment was part Toto’s initiative to cut their carbon emissions in half by 2017. However, the Neo isn’t for sale. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people attempt to replicate it. Can you imagine a Harley version?

While the Neo is an interesting option for an alternative source of energy, I just don’t know if many of us would embrace such a vehicle. Then again, it’s still better than literally eating crap.

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