William Shatner’s Fried Turkey Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is finally here this week.

And, despite all the overeating and football watching, the good times could be ruined when your fried turkey causes an unwelcome fire.

If you don’t recall, we mentioned this last year with an article that covered the history, as well as safety tips, for frying turkeys.

However, William Shatner and State Farm have teamed up this year up for a hysterical and entertaining PSA on the dangers of fried turkeys cleverly entitled “Eat, Fry, Love”.

It’s totally worth the almost four minutes to watch the clip, because it’s vintage Shatner. And, we guarantee that you’ll be saying “dingle dangle” when you’re done viewing it. Oh yeah, you’ll learn some important safety tips too.

If you want more of Captain Kirk and his fried turkey, check out the slide show right here.

And, finally, if you didn’t catch those safety tips the first time around, then we recommend you watch the following video.

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