14 of the Stupidest MySpace Quizzes Ever Written

We all know that MySpace quizzes are dumb and meaningless, but let’s be real – we’ve all taken one at some point. Here are 14 of some of the stupidest quizzes we’ve ever wasted our time with.

MySpace quizzes are usually anywhere from 3 to 10 questions, although some are longer. Each usually produces at least four results, but there are some instances where there are two or three possible outcomes. You will need to install the app for a quiz to generate, which takes less than a minute and is perfectly safe.


1. What kind of vampire are you?

This MySpace quiz consists of 8 questions that pertain to your likes and dislikes. From your answers, one of four will appear in the results. The quiz reveals that you’re either a pretty boy vampire, bad-ass vampire, sexy vampire, or an old school vampire. Find out which one you are, and try to change your answers to see other results. You may find the picture for the “old school” vampire rather humorous, so go ahead and sink your teeth into this quiz.


2. Which of the 7 deadly sins are you?

Though this quiz is very well made and written, the author may be from the UK as you can tell by some of the spelling of words. There’s also one spelling error, but if you look past that, this is a quiz that you should worthy of wasting your time with. It consists of 5 questions pertaining to random personal preferences and will spawn one of 7 results: Lust, envy, gluttony, greed, vanity, wrath, and sloth (and wtf is sloth anyway?). Intrigued? Find out which sin you are.


3. What is your creepy super power?

Do you remember when you were a child how you used to pretend to have certain super powers? This author refers to super powers as creepy, which is kinda realistic. If you really had a super power, it would be a little on the creepy side, don’t you think?

In this quiz, you’re given different scenarios and you must respond according to the choices that you’d most likely make. There are a total of 8 questions that will generate one of four results: telepathy, x-ray vision, invisibility, or super strength. Can you see into the future? Which super power will it say that you have? Is this the one that you’d want to have or would you choose a different one?


4. What Grand Theft Auto Character are you?

If you’re not a Grand Theft Auto fan or have never played the video games, not only will you not appreciate this quiz, but you won’t really understand it. Some of the questions pertain to things or people in the game and of course the results are that of characters. (But who hasn’t played GTA?!)

If you are familiar, you’ll enjoy not only the results, but also taking the quiz. You’ll have to ignore the horrible spelling, but the quiz is entertaining none the less. There are only four questions, but each question has several answer choices and the quiz can generate one of nine different results. You can be Officer Tenpenny, Niko Bellic, Roman Bellic, Ryder, Tommy Vercelli, Mike Toreno, Sweet, Smoke, or Carl Johnson (CJ).


5. Which kind of reaper are you?

The twelve questions are just as creepy as the title, and if you like morbid things, this quiz is perfect for you. If you don’t have an imagination, you get a bit freaked out. Fulfill your macabre fascination by taking this quiz and you’ll get one of the following results: a cursed reaper, wicked reaper, grim reaper, or a mellow reaper (who were assuming is a reaper who smokes pot).


6. Which horror movie character is going to kill you?

I don’t know about you, but I never thought I’d die by the hands of a lunatic – my beer and cigarette consumption always seemed to be the death of me. If you’re into horror movies, answering these questions will give you one of four results: Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, or Hannibal.

If you’ve seen the horror movies with these characters, then the quiz will be a breeze. If there’s a particular result that you want to have, you’ll be able to generate it very easily as the questions in the quiz answers makes reference to a movie or setting that each of these horror villains is in (i.e. it was written for pansies too scared to watch’em).


7. Are you a redneck?

This quiz is extremely popular on MySpace right currently – which says a lot about the site’s demographics. If you’re in the mood for a little fun, love redneck jokes, or are a redneck joke, then take it. In sticking with the redneck theme, there are only two possible results; either you’re a redneck or you’re not. The questions are a little comical, but the answer choices are pretty hilarious. Take a good look at this here quiz and answer them dang questions.


8. Which animal is your spirit guide?

This quiz is a bit mystical, or even spiritual depending on your beliefs. It consists of 7 questions about different scenarios and what you would do in each situation depending on personal preferences. From your answers, you will generate one of 7 different results – your spirit guide will either be the horse, the stag, the bear, the wolf, the tiger, the snake, or the eagle. Kinda reminds us of the Chinese Buffet menu.


9. How sinister are your thoughts?

Do you think you’re a relatively positive thinking person, or are you much darker than that? If you’re on the dark side, how messed-up are your thoughts? Four questions about how and what you might think will reveal the results of your thoughts – happy, a tad nasty, rather evil, or totally sinister. We were hoping for “kinky bsdm” but that’s not an option.

There are a few things you need to know before taking it. First, there are some spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and typos in the quiz, but the content is pretty good. Secondly, there is a term in this quiz that you may not be aware of: if someone is “taking the mick out of you”, it means that they’re trying to diminish your self importance. Stupid mick.


10. Which way will you randomly die?

Have you ever hoped that when it’s “your time” that you’ll die in a cool way? Well, here’s a quiz that will help encourage those aspirations. Like some of the other quizzes, it’s apparent that the author is from the UK, but if you’re from the Unite States, you still won’t have any problems understanding the questions.

Some are specifically about you while others are about your preferences. From that, either you’ll die by getting hit by a blimp, a giant fish will flatten you, you will explode, or you will be eaten by giant ants. We’re looking towards the blimp.


11. What element do you control?

Just answering three simple questions is all you need to see which of the following elements you control: lightening, air, fire, darkness, water, or Earth. If you really could control an element, which element would it be? Water is used in beer, so that seems like the logical answer if you think like me.


12. What color are your tears?

Even the title of this quiz will make you wonder, but answer just three questions about feelings and dreams and find out whether your tears are blue, purple, blood, black, or normal. There will be a short explanation as to why your tears are this color. However, I’m not so sure that the author should have called the last result “normal”. Shouldn’t it be “clear”?


13. What were you in another life?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Whether you truly believe or not, this quiz may be fun to take, but two out of the three questions are rather odd. There are several answer choices for each, and you will generate one of 9 results. In another life you were an outcast, queen, blacksmith, rogue, scullery maid, priestess, priest, or king. I’ll take whoever gets to bone the “priestess”.


14. The Ultimate Zombie Survival Quiz

This quiz will reveal how you would fare if we were suddenly invaded with zombies. If you answer 11 questions on what you think, the way you feel, and how you would react in a given situation, you will generate one of four possible results. You will either be “owned”, meaning that the zombies will capture you, a zombie hunter, the zombie survival king, or “one of them”.

No matter what you end up with, consider yourself a zombie anyway for wasting your brains on these retarded MySpace quizzes.

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