15 Things Women Do Wrong in Bed and How to Fix Them

All most people hear about is how women are very complex sexual creatures and how it takes more to please a woman than it does a man. Perhaps it’s not so much that as that men aren’t as picky and don’t complain about sex as much as women do. As long as they’re getting it, then everything is okay. However, men are a lot more complex than given credit for as they have sexual needs, desires, fantasies, likes, and dislikes too.

Rather than harp on what men could do better, here is an article that shows what some women are doing wrong in bed. Now, rather than just complaining about it, we’ve also provided some suggestions on how to fix them.


Problem # 1: During foreplay and sexual intercourse, women tend not to touch a man enough. Sure, she may have her hands on him, but not everywhere he would like them to be.

Solution: Ideally, you want her to touch your entire body with her hands during the course of foreplay and you would like for her hands to roam during intercourse as well. You may want to suggest a full body massage. If you really want to get creative and sensual at the same time, get some scented oils. Make sure that you’re on the giving as well as the receiving end.You don’t want to appear to be selfish and you always want to make sure she knows that you feel that you both should be pleased.

During sex, if her hands aren’t moving enough, communicate with her and be specific. Ask her to rub on your chest, for instance. Make sure she also knows that nipples are a sensual area for men as well as women. Some women don’t realize this and men’s nipples tend to get neglected.


Problem # 2: Women tend not to kiss enough. Kissing on the lips is not the problem, but women sometimes neglect the rest of the body.

Solution: If you let her know that you like to be kissed all over, she’ll probably have no issues with doing it. The problem is that women are programmed to think that men only want blowjobs and sex. While these things are amazing and one or both are the ultimate goal, there are other things men like. So, the big solution is communication. Tell her what you’re looking for and be specific. Don’t forget to mention that tongues are wonderful!


Problem # 3: I’m not sure how it’s possible, but women tend to ignore men’s balls. They’re right there, hanging down for all to see when a man is naked. How they get ignored is a mystery, but some women seem to forget all about them.

Solution: As a guy, you know that any sort of tender touch, whether it’s with the hands or the mouth, feel incredible on your balls. You can gently take her hand and guide it to your balls so she gets the hint. Also, you may want to tell her that if she’s giving a blowjob that it’s a real turn on if her mouth and tongue wander on over to your balls once in a while.


Problem # 4: Men aren’t totally selfish and insensitive. Part of a turn on for most men is pleasing the woman too. In order to do this, men need to know what their woman likes and dislikes. Women don’t usually volunteer this information and it becomes a guessing game.

Solution: The solution is very simple. Have a conversation with your partner about what she likes versus what she doesn’t like. This also gives you an opportunity to volunteer what you like and don’t like. Also, encourage her to communicate during sex or foreplay as to where she wants to be touched, kissed, etc.


Problem # 5: A lot of men say that women are selfish. They want to be pleased, but don’t care to do much to please a man.

Solution: Rather than becoming resentful, you should realize and try to understand that a lot of women bide into the idea that men don’t’ really care for foreplay and the only thing that they want is sex. The first thing you can do is tell you partner what types of things you like during foreplay.

Get her stimulation up to a certain point and stop. Ask her to take a turn on you until you get to a certain stimulation point. Then you’ll take another turn. This is exhilarating for both people involved. Try it if you haven’t already. I think you’ll both be pleased with the results.


Problem # 6: A lot of women leave it up to the man to be responsible for safe sex. They leave it up to the man to have a stock of condoms. What ever happened to women’s lib and taking control of the situation themselves?

Solution: It’s important to remember that no one likes it when someone finds fault with them. So, this issue shouldn’t be posed as if she’s done anything wrong. Preferably, a good time to bring up the issue of condoms would be before sex ever occurs.

If you have an opportunity like this and you’re talking about the possibility of sex, you may want to casually mention that it really impresses you when a woman takes the initiative to have condoms on hand. Since she wants to impress you, she will most likely purchase some to keep on hand.

If you’re already sexually active with a woman, you can try the same approach. If she asks if it bothers you that you’re always the one responsible, you can say thatΒ  it just impresses you when a woman takes the responsibility. She will also most likely take the hint without getting her feelings hurt.


Problem # 7: A lot of men complain about the “dead fish syndrome”. That is pretty descriptive and we all know that means that during sex, the woman doesn’t move at all.

Solution: Tell her that you love to see her turned on and that it turns you on more. Ask her if she could get into it during sex a little more so that your bodies can move together. You can also explain that if she moves more during sex, it will increase the sensation for her as well.


Problem # 8: Some women don’t appear to be very adventurous and only want to have sex in the missionary position.

Solution: When you’re not in the heat of passion, ask them what sexual positions they’ve tried and which ones they like. Also, at this time, you can tell them which positions you like. Also, volunteer to try new and exciting positions that neither of you have tried.


Problem # 9: Women aren’t aggressive enough during sex or foreplay.

Solution: Did you know that a lot of women have never even tried being aggressive ? It may have never even crossed their minds. You could start by asking them if they’ve ever been aggressive during sex and tell them that once in a while it’s a turn on for you.

If they feel uncomfortable or unsure, reassure them that though it may feel funny at first it might be exhilarating for them. You can start them out slow and tell them that you’d like to see them grab you and force you down on the bed. If that works out, you can move on from there later on.


Problem # 10: Some women don’t make noise during sex. What does that mean? It might make you feel a little self conscious.

Solution: Tell her that if she makes a little noise during sex, it heightens things for you and it also lets you know that you’re pleasing her. Be prepared that she may ask the same from you. Make sure that you’re prepared to deliver.


Problem # 11: Some women aren’t open to experimentation and aren’t creative enough in the bedroom. They seem to be more than creative enough in other areas of their life, but in the bedroom they have little or no imagination.

Solution: Tell her that you’d be interested in trying new things. Don’t expect her to come up with ideas right away as she might have some sort of mental block due to some sexual hang-ups that are beyond her control. If you can come up with some ideas that she’s willing to try, she may open up later and have some suggestions. Make it clear to her that you’re willing to hear and try things that she may suggest.

Don’t be too freaky at first. Suggest things like having sex somewhere other than the bedroom. Try bringing food into your sexual experiences. If she’s receptive to these things, you can move up to bigger things later.


Problem # 12: A lot of women don’t take the initiative to approach you when they want sex.

Solution: This one can be a little tricky. First of all, before you approach her with this, make sure that you’re not approaching her or nagging her all the time for sex. If you are, she may not have had an opportunity to initiate sex.

After you’ve established that you’re not too demanding, ask her if there are times that she has wanted sex when you haven’t suggested it. If the answer is yes, then tell her that you would love for her to come on to you. Tell her not to feel strange and that it would really turn her on.

It’s important not to push this issue to much as it would be very easy for her to take this as she’s doing something wrong or even that she doesn’t want sex as much as you’d like her to want it.


Problem # 13: There’s not enough dirty talk in the bedroom.

Solution: This is another one that can be touchy. Some women feel very self conscious about this as they were taught that it’s not lady-like to say such things. It may sound strange to you, but it’s a very real situation to them.

You can ask them if it’s okay if you talk to them that way in bed, but don’t get too raunchy at first. If they’re receptive to that, then try it and see if they like it then you can tell them that you enjoy that too. Be prepared that they may not know what to say. It’s another mental block in the bedroom that some women have. Don’t feel strange about giving her some suggestions.


Problem # 14: She’s not spontaneous enough for you. Some women are too quick to get into a sexual routine.

Solution: Try being the one to initiate sex spontaneously at an odd time. Don’t be afraid to turn the romance on a little bit to surprise and entice her. After doing that a couple of times and letting her know how much fun you had, tell her that you’d like to continue to be spontaneous like that. Give her some ideas such as having sex in different places or in the middle of the afternoon. Tell her that “quickies” are cool sometimes too. Make sure she realizes that you’re not looking for a quickie all the time, but that once in a while it can be exciting.


Problem # 15: She wants to cuddle too much after sex; sometimes all night.

Solution: Sorry, pal. There is no solution for this one. Anything that you try to do to get out of it is going to make you look like a total creep. So, just deal with it and realize that it’s something that makes her feel secure and special. Basically, suck it up, be a man and be her “cuddle bunny” for the entire night.

The biggest thing to remember in a more pleasurable sexual experience for yourself is that you must communicate with your partner. It’s equally important to make her feel secure. Just as you want to be thought of as a fantastic lover, so does she. For that reason it’s very important not to offend her or hurt her feelings by telling her that she’s doing something wrong.

Instead, it’s best to make gentle suggestions. Also, listen to what they have to say. Listen and be understanding about any sexual hang-ups that they may have due to past experiences. Know that this doesn’t necessarily mean that certain activities or experiments are off limits.

It just means that you should be understanding and patient and possibly help her to tear down some of the barriers she may have that are in her way. Good luck and most importantly, have fun!

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  1. Rin says:


  2. gtpeach says:

    Aww, thanks! This is awesome! M partner and I aren't very vanilla, so a lot of this is stuff we've put into practice already, but it's awesome that you put this out there. A lot of us women aren't trying to be selfish, we just really don't know what men want and they tend to tell us less than we tell them sometimes. Also, I loved the last one, about cuddling. Seriously, guys… women like to cuddle. We don't make you cuddle because we're selfish, we do it because we love you, and even though sex is over and we're tired, we still want you physically close to us.

    That being said… I'll leave you with this. The Trojan reps came to my university and handed out free condoms. Some of them were th epurple Her Pleasure condoms (incdentally, my favorite…) and one of the guys I work with said, "Her pleasure? What… do they force you to cuddle her all night afterwards?" πŸ˜‰

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, you're saying that women don't please men enough when it's harder for women to get pleasure out of sex, most of the time?
    Are you sure you've had enough experience with a variety of women to say all of this is true?
    Because this article seems to be from a sexist point of view.
    Most of this isn't true at all… If you want more "aggressive, spontaneous, experimental" women who aren't going to cuddle with you then go to a S&M club. (Oh and women avoid balls because they are disgusting, pendulous, hairy mounds of flesh dangling from your lower half. And when women give you the "dead fish syndrome" it means they really don't want to have sex with you and are probably thinking of something better they could fuck or the errands they have to run later.)

    • Anonymous says:

      An article that has any concern for how men feel is sexist.

    • Todd says:

      "My girlfriend likes to read fantasy books and I like to play video games. Who's right?"
      This is the philosophy of your cuddling argument.

      And your wizard sleeves aren't too appealing either, especially since they're covered in blood every month.

    • lingam1957 says:

      You accuse every man who tries to alert the other half of the population that they have needs and sensitivities too to be SEXIST? In my book, that is the worst form of SEXISM ever. Believe me, after decades of crusading, women have managed to turn the table on men. Now it’s men who need more consideration from you girls. And i say this without resentment, simply from experience. We all want to be HAPPY, don’t we? So let’s join our efforts and find out what we can do about it — to be HAPPY TOGETHER.

    • Mandi says:

      I do not see how this article is sexist at all. He was listing 15 things that a majority of guys do have issues with from women in bed. Feel free to make an article where you can bitch & rant about the 15 things women have issues with if it's that important to you.He was simply trying to give his personal opinions & insight for those out there wanting a better sex life with their partner. I think it was right on the money & tasteful. It sounds to me like you're the one with hang ups. Balls aren't disgusting. :)~ Basically, quit whining. If you didn't like the article click the X button & move on to a new one that suites your "tastes" better. The bottom line was communication is key, that anything can be worked through with some compassion, communication, & tasteful consideration in wording. Quite frankly your response was nothing but a quick tempered, bitchy, narrow minded fire back that gives women a bad name. I bet you do all of the 15 things above lol

    • elle says:

      Balls are disgusting? Are you sure you like men? Well, guys balls are certainly hairy but you can at least touch them. I like to touch my husbands pendulous hairy mounds during sex. I would put them in my mouth if they were shaved, I haven't suggested that I don't k now how he'd feel about that. Sounds like a **&^% hassle. LOL.

  4. Observer says:

    Anonymous, Balls are not disgusting, balls are fascinating. πŸ™‚


  5. Opinion says:

    Anonymous, Observer is right. : )

    -Other Girl

  6. mummaliza says:

    I'm female and happen to have a great sex life with my partner but thanks for the pointers cause guys aren't always forthcoming about what they do and don't like. Ladies: don't get offended, just have fun!
    This article is not at all sexist, if you want sexist read some of the female point of view sex articles! It's a very fair commentary, the bedroom is a place that should be full of spice, it's where you make it very clear how you feel each other. Great sex where both partners are made to feel special, sexy and desired is crucial to this.

    ps Balls… great times can be had by all. πŸ˜‰

  7. ME says:

    Dude, the reason we ignore the balls is because they smell like old socks. This is true for most men!

  8. Rob says:

    Great article!
    Apparently this is sexist yet all the thousands of articles about men being bad in bed are not… OK SURE….

  9. AWoman says:

    At first I used to think I'll never do these things, I'll always be a great lover, it's just that daily stress really got to me and the fact that my partner doesn't always seem to want to please me makes me do the same and a lot worse.
    So I've become dull.
    But now that I've read your article, I reminded myself I am a woman πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  10. Ann says:

    DateDaily has a great article on how to tell a woman what you want in bed:

  11. Grimm says:

    I think this is a pretty good article and I’m a girl.
    Both sexes have flaws so why get offended.
    I do think that in a newer relationship it would be awkward and rude to bring these things up but if a couple is truly interested in pleasing each other in bed then they should be open to discuss their likes and dislikes. That way everyone wins.
    I disagree about the balls thing…I think they’re gross. Plus my last 2 boyfriends have had two totally different views on that. the first loved to be fondled there and i mistakingly thought that every guy liked it and so my current boyufriend and I had our first sexual experience and I started to touch him there and he moved my hand away so that is wrong. not every guy likes that kind of pleasure and sometimes it’s better neglected.

  12. JKC says:

    You know what I think.. I think women hate men…

  13. -another girl says:

    Balls are fucking awesome, totally fun and totally sexy.

  14. The Original Kit says:

    I'm a woman, and I found this article very interesting. I didn't know a lot of it, and I think that if taken in the same spirit it's given, this information can be put to good use. Women who get offended by the fact that men have complaints too are being just as mean and selfish as the cavemen who don't care if women have orgasms.
    Isn't sex supposed to be a cooperative effort? Isn't it supposed be fun?

  15. SexLovinGal says:

    Interesting article. It made me happy, because I already practice most of the suggestions. I gotta say, though, it can be hard to get a man to talk about what he likes in bed. I've asked my man many times "where do you like to be touched?" Answer: "Um, my cock." Me: "Where else?" LOL. I like balls, and like to play with them.
    Oh, and in my experience, a lot of men like to cuddle too.

  16. Jen V says:

    I agree with "The Original Kit"… Good article if you read with an open heart and open mind. Sex can be so much fun if you don't limit yourself, are spontaneous and open minded. I was relieved to know I am already doing a lot these things… but I do care about how my partner feels in bed and sometimes for men it is hard to talk about. (for women too) I agree with the article that communication is a big factor and the best time to talk about it is when your not in bed naked… not right before, during or right after. It will add pressure to the situation and things may feel forced instead of natural and spontaneous. Talking about sex fully clothed in a coffee shop perhaps, I don't know… That works for me. πŸ™‚

    I didn't feel offended this article. I was looking for ways to make sure I bring my A game in the bedroom and this was helpful and gave me some ideas on how to improve.Thanks. Hopefully my man is doing the same for me! πŸ™‚

  17. beckie says:

    hi my name is beckie reevss and i think this is all so true, i will apoligise to my bf __thank you for this life changing experience __mwahwmwhahwmahhx xxxxxxxxxxx

  18. emily says:

    hey im emily alasfar and im sooooo bad at sex this is all true thank you everyone

  19. Ness says:

    Good article – I agree, a lot of the break down comes from a lack of communication. As a woman in a monogamous relationship (my only partner ever in my life!) I still don't know what he wants sometimes because of a lack of communication. That's not to say we don't have a great sex life, we do, it's just whenever I do feel adventurous I ask him what he wants me to do, I say, "Anything at all" and he says, "Umm… I dunno." Meh, it goes both ways, I'm not very creative. It's definitely difficult when work and college sap the energy and time needed for a more dynamic sex life. Oh well – my hubs is sexy as hell, anyway!
    Dude, and balls are awesome. He has to get me to leave them alone sometimes, lol.

  20. Don says:

    The way people perform in bed is a reflection of who they are. If you have trouble in the bedroom, you likely have trouble outside it as well. Remember, you don't have to like the person you're dating. It's often better to simply find someone more compatible than it is to try and turn someone into something they're not.

  21. anon says:

    Have any of you ladies tried asking your man to wash himself more often? I used to think it always smelled bad. Then he let me smell myself once, he just dipped his fingers into me, and then held them by my nose. The score was even then, I learned why he stopped going down on me. We started by taking more showers together, reminding each other to wash *everywhere*! I've learned a lot of guys do in fact love to go down on women, but we need to be clean and fresh too girls. Plus, have you ever thought of the level of control you have over him when you have him in your hands or mouth? He'll agree to pretty much anything as long as you continue (lol). I've learned through experience, and communication that it is always a two way street. This article is not sexist, but a lot of the articles about men certainly are! If you're not going to communicate properly, you have no one to blame but yourself when things go bad, or stale. I love my husband, his entire body, and the best way to get what I want, is to give him what he wants. If you want a man to make you feel like a real woman, remember to make him feel like a real man. I love to fall asleep in his arms, or him in mine, and we've been happy for almost fifteen years now.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish all women were like you. Then men wouldn't feel so worthless. Believe it or not, most douche bag guys are that way because they feel like since no one likes them anyway, why be nice? The combination of being expendable and draftable by your country, only being valuable if you have money, being scoffed at by women when you don't hold the door open for them, finding there are no help lines for men who feel abused, realizing the police would probably laugh at you if you called 911 if your wife threw a frying pan at you, and knowing if you get a divorce you probably will lose your children AND pay child support… kind of makes you feel like "what's the point?"

  22. denv says:

    confused….im an attractive 41 year old man who met my wife a year and a half ago before her i had many women who were sexually agressive i never once had to do anything to have sex. since i have been with my wife for 2 years now i have mentioned that it turns me on to have my wife be sexually agressive.i hate to initiate because i never had to before and it turns me off… im a masculin man and am dominant in stature but need to feel more wanted by my wife im a man who is turned on by my equal…i love agressive women always have
    i have been mentioning this to her for almost…….. 2 years now…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all i get is some light touches and maybe a few kisses….its turning me off and i feel unwanted…..i wish she was like the other women i been with im starting to take it that she doesnt want me….any other men out there who think passive women suck!……..the lack of want is really bothering me

    • nlee says:

      she may just not know how to be more aggressive or feel self conciuos doing so. i am the opposite i am the one who is like trying to have sex constantly and he never starts it or got aggressive until i showed him what i wanted. try role play with her take turns though. keep it light at first, tie her hands and blind fold her one day out of the blue when she isnt expecting it. then when she is all into it and excited tell her how hot it would be for you if she did this to you one night.. or how hot it would be to wake you up with oral or stop you mid sex and tell you to lay down and take it like a man.. maybe she just isnt creative or never had a mate who wanted her to be aggressive so she is shy or ashamed to try it afraid she will make a fool of herself or something. dont nag try to talk it out make it a truth or dare game truths share something u want to try dare try somethin the other wants to try. best of luck.. nlee

    • Todd says:

      Someone on this thread mentioned that how you are in the bedroom reflects how you are in life. I agree with this statement. If you are passive in the bedroom, you are passive in life. However cute people may think this is, it's the WORST character flaw I can think of. The inability to make any kind of assertive decision shows that a person is spoiled and used to everyone doing everything for them (otherwise, how did they get where they are today?). You probably do everything for her too: Taxes, shopping, planning trips, making money…

      This has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. You should get away from that 'person'. She's leeching off of your effort. All give and no take… that's called selfish. No worse than the people that ran Enron. seriously…

    • Diane says:

      I am a woman with just the opposite with my boyfriend. I am aggressive and he likes it, but I would like for him to be aggressive too. It seems like sex is all about him and pleasing him. I was married for 33 years and found out that my husband was gay. I never had to fake an orgasm with him. I came everytime we had sex. Our last 15 years were no sex at all. Now with this guy, I have not had an orgasm in the 4 months we have been together. So I feel your pain. We are in the same boat.

    • lingam1957 says:

      Passivity (no matter whether displayed by the male or the female half of a relationship) is a form of complacency. Complacency is definitely a passion killer. And thus ultimately a relationship killer.

  23. diamond says:

    o wow!!!!!!! im greatful i stumbled across this, cause i thought men just like it anyway just as long as you give it to them. my boyfriend and i just started taking our relationship to the next level and having sex. he oftens tell me to rub his nipples but i thought it made no sense cause its a female thing. it is also good to know guys like it when you talk to them dirty and initiate sex, here i was trying to be the perfect lady. but now i know and i can finally feel comfortable giving it to him how i really wanted to from the start. thanks you for the heated sexual days that lies ahead of me……….

  24. lynn says:

    I liked all of the points except for the one about the condoms. Guys, you have to understand that women need to know that they can feel secure and safe before they enjoy sex. If you can't take the initiative to get some damned condemns it tells her you are a selfish prick who cares only for himself.
    For all the other things women have to put up with telling her she needs to get you some condoms along with another beer isn't going to win you any points.

  25. Yo says:

    I don’t know why the girls here are complaining about a guys balls. They act like there vaginas are the most natural looking things, most girls vaginas don’t look all that good. My last 2 girlfriends actually put makeup on their vagina’s to make them look better because they were pretty nasty looking without any. Also guys balls don’t smell bad if he washes them oh yeah and vagina’s actually smell worse then balls most of the time. But despite all this we still go down on you so you should do the same.

  26. Unknown - of course says:

    I am a guy. Young, but not green. Oh, just WOW about the people around here! Before you read further you do have to realize I am a virgin, still. Well there are several reasons for that, but my comment is not going to be by a real experience rather then what I know from people and stuff. So I am sorry if someone feels offended by what I am saying! I do realize that there are a lot of people and no one is the same. Everyone is special if they are bad or not. So a different view to world from all of us. I am open minded person and I think for the girl I am gonna find… I don't expect much. I could run after the hotties, but seriously what's the point if I really want a good life with my wife!? Just selfish cave man and no orgasms for the girl!? The guy (41) who had sex with aggressive girls before – of course he have problems, because he got used to that and now is just, well, not that "sharp and sensitive" anymore to what he's wife gives to him. There is a good example – why do you think there were not that much sexual problems few hundred years a go? No one was going a round like in these days to fuck anyone the met on street and nor did the relationship started to that basis. I am doing anything right now to actually like to my upcoming wife. That means studies on what girls want, like, dislike, psychology, anatomy and so much more that even in school it seemed like it was just enough to find out who is a girl and who is a guy. Hehe! Well, that is just me, I care about my upcoming wife. (in fact it doesn't mater who she is gonna be or what look like… not that much – because of what is inside) Ohh… And the ball thing. Hell yeah! 2 years ago I realized how sexual person I am. I do think there is that much of a problem with your body, if there is then go to doctor and ask him what you could do to make it better… Even I don't smell that bad. It might be just because I shower 3 times a day and just like I would make my self as a present to her. Reason – I would love for hear to do the same to me. And people – COMMUNICATION with love and patience! It is gonna give you fruits and a lot! Well I don't want to show off, but I am good looking guy and definitely could get some girls as they are just waiting until I will say yes to they're invite to relationships, but I just want to have good life for everyone. So no willing to "fuck up" someone's life just by sleeping with them. Sorry for the "too long" comment! Just had a bad day so wanted to "talk it off". P.S. Men sometimes are not that "hardcore". We in fact have a soft side too and no just for our feelings. So we might not talk that much (except myself! Haha!), but could learn to do so if you girls have patience to teach us to shove the soft side!

  27. satisfied 100% says:

    Ummm, I am a female, and nothing about your man's body should gross you out! Try to put it behind you the best you can, and enter the wonderful world of intamacy. My boyfriend, who is 41, and I am 35 have the most wonderful, passionate love making sessions on the planet. You know all the stuff you have read about Sting, and his wife making love for hours, yep!! Really does go on in some bedrooms lol….But seriously, if you maybe just see a man's body as art, rather than something gross, you might be able to explore his body like a fine painting, and it just might be just as pleasurable for you to take him to places he has never gone before πŸ™‚ Him, and I are fit, and practice good hygeine. That also helps in the no gross out factor, and are both very attracted to eachother in all aspects.

  28. Rachel says:

    Great article! I am kinda proud to say that as a girl I seem to be doing most of the right things in the bedroom. Makes me feel even more confident! =) Communication really is the key! As for the washing issue…come on take a shower! Both guys and girls should be clean, trimmed (if you do that) and relatively pleasant.

    Some tips on staying fresh:
    1. Use a good bar soap on your smelliest parts. If you don't smell the oder coming off in the shower then its probably not working well.
    2. Deodorant is good for more than just your under arms. Use a little on the inside of your thigh right by your genital area to keep it from getting all sweaty and smelly during the day.
    3. Also, hair holds smell. I know that some ppl dig the native look, but the less hair down there, the less smell you'll have to deal with.
    4. Girls- Douching regularly is not recommended by most Obgyn's, however, it is great for the end of your period to help clean it all out and get rid of all the smell!

    Basically if you want it licked, kissed or fondled…wash it first.

  29. muiz says:


  30. Woman says:

    I'm a woman, and I WISH my boyfriend would let me explore his balls some. It weirds him out, unfortunately. πŸ™ I believe he'd like it, but I don't want to force it on him since it makes him uncomfortable at all so I guess to each his own.

    Anyway, the only problem I had with this was the birth control bit. Condoms or no, more than 70% of women use some form of birth control, and about as many guys slept through health class and don't even know how anything but a condom and diaphragm work… IF that. The responsibility for condoms is often shared 50/50, but nowadays condoms themselves are only half the story. If a woman is on birth control, it seems perfectly reasonable for her to expect her partner to provide the condom.

  31. Susan says:

    To Rachel up there: It is not wise to use a douche at any time. Ever. There is nothing you need to do to "clean out" your uterus and vagina. They "clean" themselves naturally. All you need to do is wash thoroughly daily to decrease the accumulated sweat and natural lubricants–"thoroughly" means under the clitoral hood, inner lips, outer lips, any hair you may have and your inner thigh area. You don't even need a deodorizing soap. A nice herbal soap will do. I am so sick of seeing and hearing men and women (most especially women) telling other women to use douches. It's really sad. It's misinformation based on ignorance. If you are smelly, you're either not washing daily or you're not washing well enough. No douching. Period. ( No pun intended.)

  32. nate says:

    This comment is for all the women who had the balls to post a comment about this article being sexist. For a gender who complains that men never listen to your needs, I say turnaround is fair play. To have the audacity to come in here and bash someone who is only trying to bring light in an area that is still considered taboo ( not for reasons of morality) speaks volumes to your pseudo bra burning mentality. Believe it are not men fear talking to women about their sexuality, we are constantly accused of being over aggressive and self-centered so tell us why we should even try to communicate to someone who thinks that all we ever want is what we can get from you. So not true, men are short changed a great deal more the women believe. We are expected to last, do 90% of the physical part (don't put your full weight on her) and then send you into the stratosphere and then after is all said and done pull you into our embrace and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. So I put forth this challenge to you, tell me truly when was the last time you did something more the demand from your man. To all of those who took this article for what it was, a peek into a gender that for the most part keeps you out, then I say kudos to you I hope that it helps your love life, which I can assure it will. Men tend to poor it on more when we feel that we are special too, thank you.


  33. winkytwinky says:

    Nice post!
    However, do not ever forget your sex life, keep it alive and you will keep that guy forever. Check out —> for more tips!
    Good luck πŸ™‚

  34. Romancee says:

    I'm not much of a cuddler. But the guys I end up with are!

  35. ali says:

    i found this article very good and very helpful. i've been with my partner now for 15 years. he has been the only man i've been with. he was always the one that instigated sex and seemed to be fine with it. now for the past year sex has become an issue as he has got bored and wants me to turn him on and instigate sex. it has made me fill very uncomfortable as i don't know how to approch him for sex. i want to have sex with him all the time. i have low self esteem and im worried i might get rejected. sounds stupid i know. this article has opened my eyes as to what i can do to help our situation. thanks for posting this as it's good for me.

  36. Karen says:

    It used to be the girls who kept screaming for better sex, for the men to step up! And in "old days" it worked – sex was a taboo, but the word spread, and many men really engages themselves into it. Nowadays I think women are the problem – vi don't engage ourselves as much in what we can do for him rather than what he can do for us/we can do for him – for ourselves. You get it? When "we" try a new position, it's not just so he can try something new, it's because we hope for better pleasing. Girls, we need to step up and find a guy playdate who can talk and walk us through it. And we'll do the same for him as well then

  37. Diane says:

    I have the opposite problem. My boyfriend is the selfish one. He cums very quickly. I give him blowjobs for a long time everytime we have sex. He seems to think its a turn on enough for me just by him smacking my ass and cumming. I really think he is just inexperienced and doesn't want to admit it. I really like him, but I need an orgasm once in awhile too. His kissing is different too. Not much tongue action. I love to kiss, its so sensual.

  38. jajomo says:

    This article describes me exactly. My husband and I have actually talked about every problem on here, with the exception of "licking his balls;" that is one thing I am not down with…disgusting!

  39. ora robinson says:


  40. cindyhil says:

    My bf and I used to hate having sex on period; it was just too nasty. but after I read this useful and very interesting website – here is a link I learned how to spice it up during these days. Men are so simple, just give them great sex and you will keep them forever, LOL πŸ™‚

  41. Anita-Eve says:

    My husband wants me to talk dirty to him while making love and ive never 'had to' before, so I'm literrally at a loss for words. Any suggestions/phrases/comments out there? He wont tell me what he'd like to hear, he just tells me to talk dirty. Bamn! I'm like a deer in the headlights here. Please help!!!

  42. oehlala says:

    Im a girl, and my boyfriend is the first one ive had sex with and we are with eachother 5 months now. We chat about anything and everything. I used to be paranoid about parts of my body i shouldnt be, And he always reassures me he loves me head to toe and most importantly just 'me'. We fart and everything infront of eachother and laugh it off. We make our wee cuppa tea, and lye in bed and cuddle- hes a cuddler :D. And as for sex, Its brilliant. I'l admit its a little sore at the minute but getting it sorted. But we try anything thats comfortable. Try new things. Use the foods and liquids to lick off. We both can be quite or very aggressive in bed. its great!! And recently, which we both love, have been acting out our sexual fantasies through roleplay. And i say if any of you have any fetish or fantasies that you consider this. Its so exciting especially when you switch them up abit. Great forum.

  43. corina says:

    I am a young woman and i loved this article. its not sexist at all. hes put across a lot of imformation that a lot of women probably wouldnt have found out 'cause they are too afraid to man up and say something.
    And the balls, 3 words for you ladies, GET OVER THEM!
    Vagina's arnt exactly the prettiest of things either yet a man ventures down there to please US! Think about that.
    Again loved the article. πŸ™‚

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