The Norte Photoblocker: Keeping Your Personal Life Personal

For every positive that has come from social media, like breaking news, interacting with like-minded-people, or catching-up-with-long-lost-friends, there are just as many setbacks.

These could range anywhere from that annoying friend who constantly updates their status, because they think people actually care what they’re doing 24/7, to more serious problems, like getting fired.

Sometimes a person brings this on them-self. I mean complaining about your boss on Facebook is probably not a smart career move. Other times, a person could be innocent. They just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

There have been several stories of people, like teachers, who have been canned because someone saw a picture of them enjoying a drink, or maybe more on Facebook. Again, they could have used common sense, but it could have also been another persons fault.

We’re talking about that tool that snaps hundreds of pictures while you and your friends are out and about. Then, they take the pictures, post them to Facebook and finally tag you. While not every-time, there could be a chance that someone important sees the pics and you get into some serious trouble.

Thankfully, that could all change.

It turns out that South American beer brand Cerveza Norte created an ad campaign using an innovative piece of technology called the Photoblocker.

The Norte Photoblocker also doubles as a beer cooler, although a rather bulky one. While keeping your beer cool, the device can detect camera and cell phone flashes in 360 degrees. When a photo is snapped, it sends back a flash, which ruins the photo by leaving them blurry beyond recognition. The final picture leaves the people involved to their own vices without worrying about being discovered.

The Photoblocker was designed Buenos Aires based agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, who also made-up the ingenious Teletransporter. They claim that the device has been field tested and works.

It’s currently being used as a promotional device in parts of Argentina, but it’s probably only a matter of time before it goes global. This gadget could save numerous jobs and relationships. It could seriously be a real game-changer.

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