Shay Maria: The Hottest Babe On The Internet

Shay Maria – We Wish They Could All Be California Girls

Born Alicia “Shay” Kozlowski in Southern California on April 30, 1990, the part-Chilean, part-German, part-Irish sexpot known as Shay Maria has become one of the hottest commodities currently on the net.

Shay grew up in Buena Park, CA, where she began dancing at the age of four. She performed for several entertainment venues, like Knotts’ Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Carnival Cruise Lines, all before entering high school. She went on to attend the Orange County High School of the Performing Arts, where she studied, and excelled, in all forms of dance. This included everything from ballet, lyrical, modern, tap, jazz, to hip-hop. She graduated in 2008.

Shay Maria – Taking the World By Storm


After graduation, Shay has been focusing on her dancing and modeling career.

Shay has been appeared in several music videos, such as Afrojack’s “Take Over Control”, Jason Derulo’s “Sky is the Limit”, Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”, Basshunter’s “Saturday”, and Jay Sean’s “Do You Remember”.

Shay has also modeled for Primitive, Young and Reckless, SLAM (Play LOUD), Lucent Products, The Hundreds, UNDFTD, Hot Topic, Loud & Obnoxious, RZST, and Star Dancer Wear, and has appeared in commercials for Nike and Neutrogena.

Her Television appearances include the Season 6 promo for Niptuck, Blue Mountain State (Spike TV), Fantasy Factory Cheese Ballers (MTV), Big Time Rush (Nikoledeon), Entourage, NCIS, and Shameless (Showtime).

She was ranked number 64 on AskMen’s list of the 99 Most Desirable Women in 2011, and we’re sure that she’ll be included in the 2012 list as well.

Dating Advice from Shay Maria

If you’re looking for some dating advice from a hottie like Shay Maria, then look no further.

What’s the biggest grooming mistake a guy could make?

Uh, boys, please don’t shave your arms or legs.

What’s sexier — the macho alpha male or scruffy beta guy?

Scruffy beta.

Who should pay on the first date?

I probably would.

Would you care if a guy picked you up in a garbage-strewn beater?

Probably. I can’t stand smelly things.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

That my personality was as beautiful as my surface — if not more beautiful. That guy was so sweet.

Biggest turn-on in a guy?

My guy’s gotta be funny and have a cute smile.

Biggest turnoff?

If your breath smells bad.

What jewelry is acceptable for men to wear?


Would you date a guy who makes less than it would take to comfortably support a family?

Depends if I am truly in love with him. If you have love, you don’t need anything else.

One final piece of advice for men in five words or less?

Be YOU — nothing less and nothing more.

Everything Else You Need to Know About Shay Maria

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 110

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Breast: 38

Waist: 24″

Hips: 34″

Shay enjoys “dancin, chillin w friends, goin to the beach, takin dance class, Smiling, laughing. I like eating ice cream….welpp eating almost everything.. lets see what else, My cat henry is pretty awesome and Jack the dog isnt too shabby, All type of music is a must, its a love hate relationship with the gym, but I do love working out!Thrift stores RULE, owls are sick. NAILPOLISH is fantastic! clothes are pretty fun too love mixin it up!”

You can follow Shay @ShayMariaa

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