Alien Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail Recipe

I don’t know about most people, but I get tired of taking the same shots at the same bars week in and out. Sure, they may hit the spot, but here’s a chance to move onto something extremely different for 2012, that’s bound to amuse and entertain everyone around.

We’re talking about the newest cocktail recipe dubbed the alien brain hemorrhage.

It’s rather simple to make, but it will definitely get people talking.

Here’s how to make an alien brain hemorrhage cocktail.

Fill a shot glass halfway with peach schnapps, then gently pour Bailey’s Irish Cream on top. After the shot is almost full, carefully add a small amount of blue curacao. After it settles, add a few drops of grenadine syrup.

It’s been suggested that adding a couple lumps of dry ice would complete the extraterrestrial vibe that it’s supposed to give.

Here’s a bonus video on the alien brain hemorrhage cocktail, in case you’re not fond of reading. However, be warned, there’s a lot of profanity in it, so be cautious where you’re viewing it.

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