Which Airlines Have the Most Legroom and Best Drinks

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, air travel makes you reach to your destination faster, and for the most part, more convenient. Still, despite the speed, being stuck on a plane for hours can get rather uncomfortable.

When searching for airlines that are the most comfortable, you want to start with the ones that offer the most legroom, which is determined by seat pitch.

Seat pitch is simply “the distance from any point on one seat to the exact same point on the seat in front or behind it”. So, the more seat pitch, the more legroom. It’s suggested that the most adequate legroom for comfort requires a minimum of a 34-inch pitch. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ordinary economy class seats that meet that standard. So, we have to work with what the airlines do offer us, but you can still manage to find seats with sufficient legroom.

You should also look for seat width, which is the side-to-side space. It is generally measured by the width of the seat cushion. It’s suggested that American men should have at least 22 inches of width, however, that’s going to be difficult to locate.

As an added bonus, we also included airlines that serve the best drinks. So, maybe legroom won’t really matter after a couple of drinks.

With that in mind, here are eleven airlines that not only have the most legroom, but also, the best drinks to make your traveling experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

JetBlue Airways

If you’re flying domestic, JetBlue is one top. With no extra charge, you can travel on their Airbus A320 or Embraer ERJ-190 with a 34″ seat pitch. If you’re willing to pay a small premium, the front seats on JetBlue have outstanding legroom with a 38″ seat pitch.

Unfortunately, JetBlue doesn’t have much to rave about in the drinks department. They do offer a variety of your standard non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. But, for a low-far airline Blue Moon or The Glenlivet.

Japan Airlines

Their economy seats offer a 34” of pitch and a 17” width, while Premium Economy seating offers an increased 38” of pitch and 18.9” width. Premium Economy seating is available on JLA’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which also includes 120-degrees of recline.

As for drinks, they offer Morizou (Japanese shochu), Champagne Salon and Yamazaki (Japanese whisky).

Virgin America

Virgin America not only provides passengers with some of the latest technology for in-flight entertainment and productivity, their Airbus A320 also features comfortable leather seating in coach class, and a pitch of 32” and width of 19.7”.

Virgin America also offers Brew Free or Die IPA from 21st Amendment Brewery for beer lovers, and, absinthe drinks if you’re in the mood for trouble. Virgin also offers non-alcoholic drinks, like a drink with EBOOST, if you’re feeling a bit run down.

Virgin Atlantic

When researching Virgin Atlantic, you have two choices. Economy, and Premium Economy. Economy passengers can expect seats with a pitch of 31”, while Premium Economy customers will have more leg room and a wider seat at 21”, compared to 17.5”. Virgin’s Economy seats also feature seatback TVs, video on-demand, and some are even equipped with video game consoles that have up to 35 different games.

The company recently unveiled a welcome cocktail that consists of a refreshing blend of fruit juices with or without vodka, served in a fab new purple glass with a stylish swizzle stick.


Coach passengers flying on Emirates’ A330 can expect seats to have a pitch of 32”, while the B777 aircraft will up that to 33”-34”. Seat width remains approximately 17.5” on both planes.

Emirates serves a nice selection of cocktails, a worthy Bloody Mary, Carlsberg Beer, French red wine or a California Chardonnay.

Singapore Airlines

The Airbus A380 was first used by Singapore Airlines. The A380 has 32“ seat pitch and 19” width. The Singapore Airbus A340-500, which is used on long haul flights between New York and Singapore, is even more spacious than the bigger A380. It contains 37“ of seat pitch and 20“ seat width.

As for drinks, the airline offers their famous Singapore Sling.

Cathay Pacific

The fleet of B-777s used by Cathay Pacific offers a seat pitch of 32”, and a width of 18.5”.

Besides plenty of legroom, and excellent in-flight service, Cathay serves their signature cocktail “The Cloud Nine,” which is a combination of Cointreau, Sprite, and vodka.


Whether traveling domestic or international, Qantas provides ample legroom for their economy passengers. The B747 fleet provides 32” pitch seating, and a width of 17.25”. Recently, they began offering International Premium Economy seating for select flights. These seats offer a wider 19.5” seat and footrest. Also, each seat has its own personal fold-out 8.4” touch-screen monitor built-in to the armrest for watching movies on-demand.

Qantas has a total Australian vibe for their drink selections. These include a wide variety of Chardonnays, James Square Golden Ale, Beenleigh Rum and Ballantine’s Finest Scotch Whiskey.

British Airways

The British Airways Boeing 747-400 the World Traveller (economy) class has 31″ of pitch, and a seat width of 17.5”. Each British Airways aircraft also features 4-5 rows of World Traveler Plus economy seating. These seats have a 38” pitch, 18.5” width, and greater reclining capabilities.

The bar for British Airways is always free and open. Besides an excellent selection of wine and champagne, they also serve Johnnie Walker Black, Stella Artois, Grolsch, and Newcastle Brown Ale.

United Airlines

United offers Economy and Economy Plus for their customers. Depending upon the specific aircraft, Economy passengers can anticipate differing amounts of leg room. Except for the A319 (31”-33”), the A320 (31”-33”), the A321 (32”), and the A330-300 (32”-34”), all aircraft seats have a seat pitch of 31”. Economy Plus seating adds an additional 4” of legroom and is available to Premier, or high status members of United’s Mileage Plus frequent flier program, or to full-fare/unrestricted economy passengers.

If you’re traveling to the Pacific, then you’ll get to enjoy Trader Vic’s cocktails, which includes authentic-as-they-come Mai Tais.

Delta Airlines

Delta’s Economy seats vary from plane to plane. Their fleet of various Airbuses and Boeing’s can feature anywhere from a 30″ to a 33″ pitch. However, their Premium seats can top out at 38″, while Business could get you a long-haul seat with an outstanding 60″.

But, it’s Delta’s drinks that we really enjoy. This includes their very own cocktail “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” which is a mix of rum and orange juice with a splash of cranapple juice and garnished with a lime.

If you want to compare more airlines with legroom, then we suggest you check out SeatGuru.

And, if you want to discover more airlines with phenomenal drinks, you should probably check this site out.

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