Ultimate Guide to Louis Vuitton Bags for Men

In 1854, Louis Vuitton began the now-world-renowned label on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. Four years later, he changed the luggage market when introduced his flat-bottom trunks with trianon canvas, which were lightweight and airtight.

Today, the French fashion house is the world’s 29th most valuable brand. It has also become famous for everything from luxury trunks and leather goods to shoes, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, and even books. However, the company has remained true to its origins and still remains known for its luggage.

While many believe that luxury bags are just for women, Louis Vuitton begs to differ.

Louis Vuitton mens bags are not only fashionable, they also make for an excellent accessory for your suit, and, can be used for your daily trips to the office or when traveling.

There’s no shame in owing a bag, they’ve been used by men in some form for 5000 years. While men’s bags may have lost popularity, they’ve seen an impressive resurgence. Today, it’s a $4 billion a year industry. So it’s the perfect time to add a bag to your collection, especially one with the famous LV monogram on it.

Louis Vuitton Messenger Bags and Totes

Currently, there are 56 messenger bags and totes available from Louis Vuitton in various sizes and colors. Here are our favorites.


If you’re looking for a smaller bag while working in a big city, this popular bag is a must have.


Another monogram canvas bag that gives the messenger bag a much appreciated modern twist.

Brooklyn GM

A stylish Damier canvas bag that is perfect for carrying documents or a laptop.


This vintage bag is simple and timeless. It’s made of Utah leather with rustic cotton lining.


Another Damier canvas bag that is perfect for the daily grind.


Made from Utah leather, this masculine and classic looking bag features several compartments.


Made from the light and durable Damier Geant canvas, and featuring a bold Louis Vuitton signature, this bag is not only the epitome of style, it’s highly masculine and practical.


If you’re searching for more of a tote bag, then look no further. The Tadao can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, making for a fashionable and practical bag around the city.

Louis Vuitton Briefcases and Work Bags

Just like the messenger bags and totes, the company offers a wide variety of briefcases and work bags, if you’re looking for something strictly for business.


Simply put, this is the most stylish way in carrying your labtop.

Vassili GM

A stylish and functional bag for those wanting a contemporary look.


Another vintage leather bag that blends practically and style.


An elegant and slim business portfolio that is multifunctional.


This Epi leather briefcase contains several compartments which makes it perfect for carrying documents, newspapers and pens.

Louis Vuitton Pochettes

If you’re looking for something smaller, like a bag to store almost anywhere or just to carry smaller items, there are a handful of options.


Designed to be carried on the wrist, the Pavel is ideal for credit cards, a phone or travel documents.

Pochette Gange

This pochette can carry your smaller items, yet, can still be worn over the shoulder.

Mini Citadin

A lightweight, and practical, bag made from Damier Geant canvas.

Bum Bag Brooklyn

This bag adds a modern edge to your wardrobe and can be carried either across your body or waist.

The Latest Louis Vuitton Men’s Bags

Of course, there are also men’s bags that have recently been unveiled by Louis Vuitton.

Clutch Historique

This sophisticated leather bag channels the tradition of Louis Vuitton’s travel pieces.

Porte Documents Voyage

A timeless and stylish option that offers plenty of practical choices.

48 Hours Travel Bag

An essential piece for travelers wanting to evoke the tradition of the brand.

Keepall 45

Another option for travelers made from Damier Infini leather that can be carried by hand or on the shoulder.

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