The Ultimate Guide to Flasks: 10 Amazing Flasks

For as long as humans have been producing and consuming alcohol, they’re found creative and practical ways in storing and enjoying it.

Take for example hip flasks.

Brief History of Hip Flasks

There are reports that during the Middle Ages people would hollow out prepared fruit and store liqueur inside. However, it wasn’t until the 18th Century when people began using what we now know as flasks.

One early example of using flasks would be when women would broad British Warships and smuggle in gin. They used makeshift flasks, created from pig’s bladders and hidden inside their petticoats. However, flasks were more commonly used by the upper class during voyages, hunting, fishing, etc.

These early flasks were made from glass or leather and hung around a gentleman’s neck. Eventually, because of its durability, flasks began to be made from metal. This usually meant silver, which was discovered to preserve taste since it didn’t react with the liqueur.

Flasks were soon designed to be stored in the trousers of gentleman and featured elaborate engravings.

Despite flasks being banned in certain states following the Prohibition Act of 1920 in America, their popularity soared. Their slim and small design allowed people the ability to easily conceal alcohol from authorities. Even after Prohibition was lifted in 1933, flasks remained popular with soldiers during World War II.

Hip Flasks Today

Because of their discrete nature, hip flasks remain popular. However, many states have made flasks illegal in public places because of open container laws.

The hip flask is also a popular commemorative item, often being engraved. According to The Modern Drunkard Magazine, an engraved flask is the best present one can give. The engravings may be a short quote, the recipient’s initials, toasts, dates of memorable occasions, or signs of friendship.

Whether you’re looking for a hip flask as a gift, or to enjoy for yourself, there are endless possibilities. Whether in price or material. To assist you in your journey, we’ve selected ten amazing flasks that are classy, sharp looking, and get the job done. And, we’re not talking about those cheap gimmick flasks.

Asprey Hip Flask

If you’re looking for a hip flask that is sheer decadence, then look no further. This silver flask from Asprey features a chocolate lizard skin shell that screams elegance. While it is a hefty price, the craftsmanship is worth it.

Harrison & Simmonds Sterling Silver Hip Flask

There’s no doubt that sterling silver makes for the best flasks, so why look elsewhere for anything but. Harrsion & Simmonds have been making quality, yet affordable, products since 1928. While they have a number of flasks to chose from, we’re partial to their 6 oz. flask in a brown leather case that can be engraved. Nothing fancy here. Just keeping it simple and classy.

Antique Silver Flask

Purchasing an antique flask shows that you’re not only informed, but interested, in the history of gentleman accessories. D & D Antiques have plenty of antique flasks for sale, but we really enjoy the design found on this early Victorian rectangular silver made in 1852.

Stainless Steel Flask (with Cigar Holder)

Despite being bulky, this flask is perfect for men who enjoy a cigar with their drink of choice. Seriously. It’s the best of both worlds.

John Lewis Pewter Kidney Celtic Hip Flask

A wonderful pewter flask from John Lewis. It’s simple enough to be discrete, but the Celtic engraving adds just enough of flash.

Jack Daniel’s Flask Gift Set

Jack Daniels is most known for their Tennessee Whiskey, but they should also be known for their hip flasks. They have so many great flasks that it was difficult to pick just one. However, we really enjoy this set, which includes a hip flask, a carrying case, a stainless steel shot glass, and a flask funnel.

Jack Daniels Golfer Flask

OK, we couldn’t help ourselves. The Jack Daniels Golfer Flask is an absolute must for mend who hit the green. The deluxe 7oz Jack Daniel’s embossed golf flask also comes with a removable black leatherette cover that attaches to your belt loop, as well as, gold ball markers, tees, and a divot repair tool.

Voyager Expedition Flask

Essential, and interesting, flask for those who are adventurous. This flask from Dalvey is crafted in high grade stainless steel and features a military standard compass set in to the surface. It’s stylish, yet rugged enough for any outdoor activity.

Modernist Porthole Flask

We’re usually not to fond of flasks that break away from the traditional design, but this porthole flask is quite the piece. It’s stylish modern design is bound to spark curiosity, but it also allows for the user to notice when it needs a refill.

SIGG Steelworks Retro Black Flask

Sometimes a practical flask is just enough to win us over. Swiss company SIGG are known for their reusable water bottles, so it’s not surprising that they would manufacture flasks that are large enough to share and built to last for years.

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