Men’s Health: 5 Great Tips on How to Stay Fit and Stylish During the Holiday Season

Regardless of the holiday, you can always be certain that there will endless amounts of food, drinks and gathering with family or friends. With all the calories consumed, stress and catching up with people, it’s difficult to remain fit and stylish during the holidays, especially that period from Thanksgiving to Christmas .

The last thing that most of us are concerned about is being careful about how much we eat, hitting the gym and what wardrobe to wear during the holidays. However, it’s important that we do indeed keep track of these things, since they could come back to haunt us.

Thankfully, we here at AMOG are here to help our fellow men out. Here’s five great tips on how to stay fit and stylish during the holidays.

5. Make Plans Involving Physical Activity

If you make plans for some sort of physical activity, you’re going to be more inclined to get, or at least remain, in shape.

This could be a long term plan, like signing up for a marathon, or something in the short term, like going to the gym with a friend. Even playing a sport like basketball or football is better than vegging out on the couch.

Regardless of the activity, it’s just important to plan on doing something that’s going to burn some calories. Let’s also not forget that it’s also going to help release some stress, and, allows you to catch up with some long lost family members or friends.

4. Make the Best of Your Free Time

Make the best of the short amount of time that you have to exercise.

For example, you can park further away from the office or mall, use the stairs instead of the elevator and do body weight exercises, such as push-ups off the counter, or free squats and lunges, during down time at work or during commercials when you’re home.However, when you do these minor activities, make sure you do them with purpose to get that heart rate up, even if it’s just for a small amount of time.

These small physical activities will add up to make sure that you remain fit during the holidays when you may not have the extra time to devote to the gym.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking enough water is essential during any time of the year.

Water not only keeps you hydrated, it also speeds up metabolism and is a great detox when you overdue it on food or alcohol. And, you should be aware that when we get dehydrated we eat more, so drinking more water means that you’ll eat less.

2. Do Everything in Moderation

Never deprive yourself of the food and drinks in front of you. That could lead to disastrous results.

Instead of filling up a plate with the most amount of food possible, try and have everything in moderation. Make yourself a sample sized plate, for example. The same goes with alcohol. Remember, beer is full of empty calories, a 150 on average, so the less you drink, the less calories you’re consuming, but you’re still partaking in the holiday festivities.

1. The Wardrobe

We could probably make a list dedicated to the wardrobe itself, but we’re certain that we can get it right without doing so.

Most likely, functions during the holidays will not require suits, so you can relax and enjoy yourself – which you’ll probably need after the meal you just consumed.

Comfort is what you’re going for during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be stylish. If you wear dark trousers or jeans, a jacket and dress boots you’re pretty much set. You should probably stick with darker clothing to prevent them from getting dirty, from either the elements or food. Also, darker clothing has a slimming effect and never goes out of style.

Another tip is learning to layer wool and cotton. A cotton dress shirt kicks the moisture out, while a wool sweater or jacket retains heat. Besides being another timeless and stylish look, you can always remove the wool item if you get too warm and still look sharp.

Depending on the weather, an overcoat, hat, scarf and gloves are all fashionable accessories that will spice up your wardrobe. Just remember to coordinate the colors, which is difficult not to do if you’re wearing a black jacket.

One final tip. Stay away from holiday themed ties or socks. They’re tacky and classless.

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