What Should Men Avoid in Fashion After 40

You’ve probably heard that old saying “with age comes wisdom,” which has plenty of truth to it.

As you get older, especially by the time you reach your 40s, you have acquired pretty much all the knowledge and skills that life has presented you. It could be anything from your career to managing a family to making simple repairs around your home. But, it also applies to fashion. While we’re certain that you’re well aware of the basic fashion dos and don’ts, sometimes certain aspects get lost in the shuffle or are ignored by trends and refusing to accept your age.

Keeping that in mind, here are fashion tips that men should avoid after 40.

Staying Away From Fashion Fads

At this point in your life, you should know which styles are proven and timeless. And, that’s what you should stick with.

Fashion fads are typically for a younger crowd that are still experimenting with their own sense of style, which you’re no longer a part of. Falling for a fashion fad makes a man over 40 can make him look creepy and foolish, not someone who’s been there and done that.

This applies to hairstyles as well.

Wearing Appropriate Business Attire

At this point, a man over 40 should know how to properly wear a suit, which includes the right accessories. However, many men can still make mistakes, despite their age.

You should stick with simple and conservative colored suits, like black, brown or grey. Make sure that they fit properly, that the jacket is a 2-button (never a 3-button) and that they are clean and wrinkle free. The tie should be wide and one color, which means staying away from flashy, stripped and cartoonish ties, and should always end at the center of your belt buckle.

Coordination is also a must, such as matching your shoes and belt. Don’t wear striped suits with striped shirts. Never wear a bright colored suit in the autumn and winter, and, never ever wear a tie with a short-sleeved shirt.

Finally, make sure that your socks come up to your calves and stay there.

Wearing Appropriate Casual Attire

Yes. Even men over 40 make mistakes in casual attire, so here’s what to avoid when out of the office.

Unless you’re going to gym, never wear sweatpants in public, it shows that you’re lazy. Steer clear of shirts with too much branding or are a current trend. Also, remember that undershirts are just that…undershirts.

Again, unless you’re doing a physical activity, don’t wear white athletic socks. Black or navy casual socks always look more stylish. And, never wear sandals anywhere other than the beach or pool, or with socks.

Finally, just like a suit, make sure that your casual clothes are clean and wrinkle free. You’re beyond that I-just-slept-in-my-clothes-look that you had in your teens and twenties.

Confusing Business Attire for After-Hours

Remember, the suit you wore from 9 to 5 hardly works when you leave the office.

Wearing business attire outside of the workplace shows that your stuffy and one-dimensional. Instead, present a more casual version of yourself. A sport coat, simple dress shirt, straight leg jeans and casual loafers is always an appropriate and classy look after leaving the office behind.

Simple Grooming Mistakes

Grooming is another aspect of fashion that is overlooked by men of all ages.

To begin with, there’s your hair. It shouldn’t be long if you’re over 40 and should be shaved if you’re balding, as opposed to the tacky comb-over. If you have facial hair, make sure it’s trimmed and that there is no hair underneath your chin or on your neck area. Also, make sure that the hair on the back of your neck is well kept, even if you don’t require frequent haircuts.

Make sure that your fingernails are clean. And, finally, avoid wearing too much jewelry, cologne hair products and/or hair dye. It’s time to embrace your age, not hide it.

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