Best 5 Italian Designer Shoes You Can’t Miss in 2012

Shoes are perhaps the most important piece of clothing that a man could own.

Besides providing added comfort, shoes can make it easier for a man to put an outfit together, make them appear sharper, and, can influence how others view us, as well as ourselves.

While we’ve previously covered matching the right shoes with the right outfits and occasions, there’s still more to discuss.

Typically, men’s dress shoe styles run in Italian, British or American. But, we’re going to focus on the sleeker later. Here are the five best Italian designer shoes that you can’t miss in 2012.

Giorgio Armani

Of course we all know of the quality that Giorgio Armani produces. A timeless and classy brand of such deserves a shoe of equal status, which is why we’re recommending the following light-colored shoes. These laced-closure shoes with a leather sole are perfect for lighter colored clothing during the warmer months of the year.


Just like Armani, Gucci is another luxury that is world renowned for their quality products. With another classic and timeless brand, we’ve also decided to stick with a shoe that fits their brand. Gucci’s black leather cap toe shoes can essentially go with any outfit, which means that you can’t ever go wrong with purchasing a pair. As an added bonus, these shoes feature an embossed Gucci script logo.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo has been a famed shoe producer since he moved to America in the 1920s. Owning a pair of the brand’s legendary shoes would easily place you above your peers in the fashion department. While they offer numerous shoes, we can’t help ourselves in recommending their latest spin of the derby. Their brushed calf derby lace-up shoes would make for an interesting, yet, classic pair of shoes to accessorize your wardrobe this year.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli may be known for his detailed exotic prints, and for creating, the sand-blasted look for jeans, but he also makes some exciting shoes. An example of this would be his black leather boots, which would spice up more casual situations.


In the 1970s Diego Della Valle created his trademark luxury moccasin, dubbed the “Gommino”, which was a casual, handmade shoe that was perfect for every occasion. We’re believers in the old saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” which is why we’re suggesting the “Gommino”. It’s the perfect slip-on for any year and is available in numerous colors and designs.


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