iPad 3’s Battery: Apple’s Latest Engineering Magic

In addition to iPad 3’s release date, the device’s battery is also making a buzz these days. Even though there’s no concrete list yet of what’s inside the upcoming model, Chris Burns posted on Slash Gear that Apple’s new tablet has a huge battery under the hood. What’s news-worthy about this feature is that the battery can make the device last longer than iPad 2.

iPad 3

iPad 2 vs. iPad 3

For iPad 2 owners, you know that Apple’s current tablet can keep up longer than its 10 hours rate. It only makes sense because its other features are power-hungry. However, iPad 3’s battery can live 60% longer despite both devices’ almost similar physical size.

Compared to iPad 2, iPad 3 is heavier at 1.44 pounds (652 grams) versus the former’s 1.33 pounds. In terms of thickness, the new iPad is slightly thicker at 0.37 inches (9.4 mm), while the older version is at 0.34 inches. Despite the difference, the battery occupies most of the space in both models. Regardless, it’s the reason behind why every model’s features are working well.

What Lies ahead for iPad 3

It’s apparent that Apple is making a sort of engineering magic here. According to ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, the iPad 3 has a massive 11,666 mAh battery. This bulk suits the device’s 2048 x 1536 Retina display LCD panel and 4G LTE connectivity.

Although it almost doubled iPad 2’s capacity, this larger power storage is placed into a slightly larger area. This feature alone is enough to inform people that what they’ll be seeing in the future is a superb and long-lasting device.

The Future of Battery Engineering

Even though there was a huge bump in the battery’s capacity, it’s still rated at 10-hour mark. Apparently, Apple is not interested in making a war of numbers when it comes to battery life. What the Cupertino-based company really wants to do is maintain the 10-hour mark of the upcoming device’s battery life, while incrementing new features.

Obviously, an increase in battery size is needed to boost its life span. But Apple was able to balance its size, so that it won’t affect the weight distribution of the device. With Apple’s effort to increase the life span of iPad 3 through its powerful battery, what people are seeing here is an improvement in battery engineering.

This is one component that doesn’t significantly progress fast, as compared to the development of chip sets and software. Regardless, a huge increase in battery capabilities is the component’s first step. The only thing left now is to see Apple’s iPad 3 in action, and confirm that it’s all as it seems.

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