Food on the Table, Now Available for Android and iPhone

Planning your meal is a great way to make life in the grocery store, kitchen and dining room easier. Thus, Food for the Table was created. It’s a web application that allows you to plan your meals based on your preference, the nearby grocery store and your budget. But to make meal planning more stress free, the web app is now available for Android and iPhone.

Food on the Table

How Food on the Table Works

After signing up at Food on the Table, you have to identify your main grocery store and select the food that your family likes to eat (meat, fruits, or vegetables). Then the application will recommend dishes that you can try for the week. You can also compare recipe prices by choosing another nearby store.

Other than that, the application can help you save money by listing items that are on sale at your chosen grocery. It will also recommend recipes based on the sale items. The great thing about the mobile app version is that it syncs to your website account. In turn, it will help you get out of the cumbersome process of meal planning while on the go.

Food on the Table is available at basic and premium accounts. Other than the mentioned features, you can get more of the application when you upgrade to premium. But if you’re budget constrained, LifeHacker offers a lifetime free membership for premium account using the MARFREE promo code.

Healthy Benefits of Meal Planning

Other than saving time and money, Food on the Table is a great tool to stick to your healthy diet. Since you can choose the type of meal that you want to eat, the app can search through recipes that’ll match your needs. And it won’t just recommend healthy meals for the week; it will provide recipes that can keep up with your budget.

Best of all, the money that you save from meal planning can be used to apply for a gym membership. That way, you can stay in shape without having to worry about what recipe to do next. Furthermore, you can have a healthy meal plan that goes with your lifestyle, even if you’re budget constrained.


Whether Food on the Table is something that will work in the long run is yet to be known. Regardless, this is a smart and useful application for those who are time and budget constrained to plan their meals.

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