Wifi to Routers – Fix those Annoying Home Network Issues

Although it’s great to have a home network, it can also be a pain in the head whenever it goes faulty. Thus, it’s important that you know how your router works and how you can repair it. This weekend, have some time to check your router and see how you can mend those networking dilemma, improve your WiFi reception, and add some great stuff to it.

Place Your Router Properly

If you’re having a bad wireless connection, always remember that placing your router is paramount. Put it on a high place in your room, and make sure that its antennae are unobstructed. If you have an extra router, you can use it as repeater. Just remember not to put it on a smaller space; otherwise it will hurt your signal. Better yet, use the wireless channel with the least interference.

Customize Your Router’s Firmware

Customizing your router’s firmware is another way to boost your networking speed. The popular choices are Tomato and DD-WRT. If you want a user-friendly and simple firmware that helps you manage your network, Tomato is a good choice. On the other hand, DD-WRT is a comprehensive firmware that gives you almost total control over your router. But be sure to check whether they’re compatible with your device.

Use Ethernet Cables

Albeit wireless Internet connection lets you surf the Web while on the go, networking with Ethernet cables is still faster. It’s also the best way to boost your network’s efficiency and speed. If you don’t like seeing cables making a mess in your house, you can hide them along the edges of the wall. Cover them with tape, and then paint it to make it appear flush. You can also use a flat wire to replace your router’s old wires.

Share Your Media Files

Sharing a media file from your computer to another computer or device is the best thing that you can do with your home network. Enabling port forwarding can also let you share files outside of your home. You can do this by transforming your old PC into a network-attached storage device.


If you know how to work around your router, it’ll be easier for you to fix it when a problem arises. What’s important is that you have a good grasp of basic networking skills. Moreover, you should keep yourself in the know on various tricks on how you can boost your home network’s speed. So the next time your Internet goes nuts, don’t blame your provider immediately.

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