SXSW 2012: Mobile Apps that You Shouldn’t Miss

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An incomparable gathering for tech and gadget enthusiasts, South by Southwest has served as a way for app developers to connect with their customers. But other than that, the event has also become a springboard for startups, especially for mobile apps.

Read further to see which mobile apps made an appearance at this year’s SXSW event in Austin, Texas.

Angry Birds Space

Together with Samsung, Rovio will reveal their much-awaited Angry Birds Space game at the SXSW 2012. Although it’s yet to be revealed what the game will look like, people can assume that it has lots to do with defying gravity and extra-terrestrials. The game will be demoed using Samsung’s Galaxy Note.


Using its Applications Programming Interface or API, CardSpring allows a developer to create credit card-based coupons and loyalty discounts. Users can simply register to a CardSpring-enabled discount website, enter their credit number and have it swiped at the advertised store upon purchase, and then the discount will be automatically deducted from the price. For users, this will lessen the hassle of bringing a coupon or showing a QR code from their phone.


Highlight is a location-aware people discovery app that “gives you sixth sense about the world around you.” It notifies you when a person with similar connection or interest is nearby. Unless you find this creepy, the app makes it a lot easier to create a meaningful connection with a stranger.

Instagram for Android

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram is reported to be arriving to all Android devices “very soon.” Co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger flashed a prototype of the application last Sunday. However, they said that it’s not yet ready for a full demo.


The same with Highlight, Kismet is a passive people-discovery and location-sharing app. What makes its different is its Foursquare-ish location notification. It also lets you create a pop-up event to meet like-minded people near your place.

Marvel AR

Bringing graphic novels to the next level, Marvel unveiled its own application –– the Marvel AR. Using the power of Aurasma, a 3D augmented reality app, readers can now see their comics come to life.


Uberlife is UK-based people-discovery and location-based app for iPhone. It lets you create and join hangouts, and allows you to broadcast them with the people in your networks. While its interface and functions appear to be solid, it’s yet to be known what this application can do.


SXSW has opened doors for startup apps since 2007 when Twitter was launched to the public. And as long as the event continues to be a springboard for these startups, expect more interesting mobile apps in the future.

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