T-Mobile Launching Unlimited Any Mobile

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Now that unlimited data plans are slowly getting overtaken by 4G LTE Hotspots, T-Mobile tempts its subscribers with an unlimited call to all networks. As reported by TmoNews, the carrier will offer an Unlimited Any Mobile service starting April 4. The mobile plan’s overview simply dictates:

Beginning April 4, 2012, T-Mobile will offer Unlimited Any Mobile, a $10 per month subscriber-level feature that includes unlimited calling to any domestic mobile number, including Puerto Rico, regardless of the carrier!

Why Choose T-Mobile’s Unlimited Any Network?

What makes T-Mobile’s current offering tempting is the convenience that it can provide to its users.

No Contract Required: Previously, the limited rate plans only allot a specific number of minutes to a user, and switching to an unlimited call plan will require a contract extension.  However, it’s not the case with the carrier’s $10 add-on. You can get unlimited call to all networks without signing a contract extension.

Bill Reduction: Unlimited Any Mobile can reduce a single subscriber’s $10 monthly in voice overage, as the plan can cover all domestic mobile calls.

Maintains Existing Rate Plan: T-Mobile’s new plan will not mess your current rate plan. In fact, it can be added or removed on your monthly subscription. This can be beneficial to those who are expecting a short-term increase in call volume. They can add the Unlimited Any Mobile to their current plan, and use it for a month or two, and remove the feature when it’s no longer needed.

However, as posted on the carrier’s overview of the plan, the latest offering from T-Mobile has exemptions:

  • Unlimited Any Mobile follows rate plan rules for customers on legacy and regional rate plans.
  • Family allowance customers are not eligible for Unlimited Any Mobile.

Unlimited Any Mobile: A Good Deal or Not?

While many readers are now tempted to try T-Mobile’s Unlimited Any Mobile plan, CNET’s Brian Bennett advises to take things calmly. According to him, check whether you’re consuming more than your plan’s allotted talk time.

If not, adding $10 for unlimited call will not be worth it. That’s because you’ll be paying T-Mobile for no reason at all. But if you’re a chatterbox, and you always hit your overage fee, an unlimited call to all mobile networks can be useful for you. Regardless of the carrier that your friends are using, you can talk to them without having to worry if you’re exceeding your plan.

More about T-Mobile’s Unlimited Any Mobile plan will be revealed on their website on April 4. So remember to keep yourself posted.

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