Sony Xperia Sola: A New Addition to the Android Family

Image via Sony

After removing Ericsson from their mobile arm, Sony has come out of the gates with their humble Xperia Sola. Compared to their first set of “pure” Sony phones, Sony Xperia Ion and Sony Xperia S, the Sola is more toned down and scaled back.

Sony Xperia Sola: Features

The Sony Xperia Sola sports a 1GHz dual core processor, a 3.7-inch display with 480 x 854 resolution, and a 5MP rear camera. The front-facing camera was also scaled down, although its capability was not specified. The device also has an 8GB internal storage under the hood, which can be expanded using a microSD.

However, it boasts features that are similar to other Sony Xperia phones. It has built-in Near Field Communication technology and SmartTags support. It also features Sony xLOUD, an audio tech that lets users kick out the jams without interfering with the audio.

The same with other Sony Xperia phones, the Sola runs on Android Gingerbread, with an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich soon after it hits the shelves.

Life is a Snap

As posted on Sony Xperia teaser for Sola, a user can watch anything that he or she wants while on the go. Highlight web links without touching the screen through it floating touch capability, and watch blockbuster movies from Video Unlimited in super high quality with Reality Display.

Although you’re just watching your favorite flick through your phone, you can have the cinema experience with its xLOUD and 3D surround sound technology. These features provide you with audio experience that is crisp and loud.

You can also fine tune your mobile settings based on your location using SmartTag. And because life is a snap, you can capture your life’s most precious moment in a blink of a lens with Sola’s 5MP HD camera.

Floating Touch Capability

What makes Sony Xperia Sola unique is its “floating touch.” However, it’s not the same as what you think. This is a feature that will be useful for those who are weary of smudging their handset’s screen. Furthermore, it will only work with the handset’s web browser. Simply put, the floating touch feature has a limited usefulness.

The Sony Xperia Sola is due to be released next quarter in red, black and white. The carrier and pricing details is yet to be disclosed, although you can expect that it won’t require you to shed out that much money.

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