Trade Your iPad 2 for a $320 Apple Gift Card

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Apple has updated its Reuse and Recycling Program, and included trade-in values for the iPad 2. Since October 2002, the Cupertino-based company has been encouraging their customers near the headquarters to recycle their used or unwanted computers and home electronics for free at their recycling collection facility.

The Reuse and Recycling Program offers Apple Store gift cards in exchange for old iPhones, iPads, Macs and even PC! In relation to this, the company recently added a value for their iPad 2.

Trade-in Value for iPad 2

It appears that the highest value for an iPad 2 64GB WiFi + 3G model is $320. On other sites like eBay InstantSale and Gazelle, the trade-in value seems to be fairly representative from Apple’s rate. Listed below are the trade-in rates for the iPad 2 units:

  • Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi                    $205
  • Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi + 3G          $250
  • Apple iPad 2 32GB WiFi                    $245
  • Apple iPad 2 32GB WiFi + 3G          $280
  • Apple iPad 2 64GB WiFi                    $275
  • Apple iPad 2 64GB WiFi + 3G          $320

The pricing is based on the device’s “perfect condition,” which means that no scuffing or engraving must be present on it. The batteries should be functional, and must be shipped with its power cord. All data must be removed from the device before shipping. Water damage, cracks and wear will affect a device’s trade-in value.

However, Amazon offers a better trade-in value for a “like-new” iPad 2 16GB WiFi model at $300. They’re also offering as much as $460 for the 64GB WiFi + 3G model. A gift card exchange is also included in their trade-in program.

Get an Apple Gift Card for Your Old Device

By sending in your unwanted Apple devices, the company will determine if it qualifies for their Reuse and Recycling Program. If it does, they will send you its corresponding gift card that you can use for purchases at any Apple Retail or Online Store.

Only iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC desktop and notebook computers will qualify for the Apple Reuse and Recycle Program. With the help of PowerON, a reuse and recycling solutions provider, they will evaluate and estimate your device’s fair market value. Shortly afterwards, an Apple Gift Card will be sent to your doorstep via mail

The company’s Reuse and Recycling Program also operates in other regions like Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, Japan, Australia, Asia Pacific, Brazil and Costa Rica.

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