Free Color Pack, Coming to Street Fighter X Tekken Soon

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As promised, Capcom announced that they will be sending out a free color pack to Street Fighter X Tekken fans soon. However, many gamers are wondering as to how many of its palette will be for free and for premium. Based on Gaming Blend’s report, the game will have an additional 56 disk-locked colors.

Making it a total of 60 color count, two of them are for the character’s standard default palette. The other two are the black and white colors that Street Fighter X Tekken gamers have been complaining about.

Color Pack’s Undisclosed Price Information

Two weeks ago, players of Street Fighter X Tekken started complaining that the game only offers two color options from its elaborate color customization utility. This will disable them to do something creative for their characters. And although the game publisher promised that they will offer a basic color pack for free, the price behind each palette was undisclosed.

For example, both metallic and glowing color pack have eight palettes each. But since the colors are disc-locked, players can unlock all of it for a certain amount. Using the same logic, Street Fighter X Tekken gamers can assume that Capcom will not give the remaining 40 colors for free. However, there’s a possibility that half of it can be unlocked without charge.

As for the price of each palette’s, Gaming Blend speculated that special sets will be tagged at $4.99 each, while the regular colors will cost $1 each. Of course, this wild guess is based on the leaked pricing details for character costumes.

Other Complaints from Street Fighter X Tekken

Just last week, Capcom pointed out that all of their downloadable content was packed in a disc to save majority of their consumers’ hard drive space. Although it was also meant to make the game compatible, the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers were questioning why the characters were inaccessible.

To make it worse, PS Vita owners can have all the content of the $60 disc for free as a day-one purchase. But console gamers will have to pay extra just to unlock all characters that are already stored in the disc. While it’s fine for other gamers to pay $60 for a retail game, using micro-transactions to unlock its content is not.


Street Fighter X Tekken’s premium content features are also accessible in Namco’s Tekken 6. This includes character costumes, customization and color options, and will come right out of the box without additional fee. The release date for the game’s disc-locked color pack is yet to be announced.

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