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PayPal announced its new payment platform for small and medium-sized businesses last Thursday, the PayPal Here. This brings the eBay-owned online payment and money transfer service provider’s payment solution to local stores using a mobile app.

Set to compete against Square, a mobile app that allows credit card payment through your handset, PayPal rolled out its PayPal Here through a triangular card reader or dongle. However, merchants cannot use this functionality to swipe cards and accept payments on-the-go without the help of

More about is a mobile app that allows payments using your handset to make the process as frictionless as possible. Last January, the start-up launched its consumer-facing app that enables users to make seamless payment by capturing an image of their credit card.

By working with PayPal, merchants can now accept payments from their customers without an additional hardware. As posted on’s official blog:

With and PayPal, accepting credit cards no longer requires card readers or extra hardware; merchants can immediately begin accepting credit cards with nothing but a phone. It’s fast, frictionless, and an amazing payment experience.

How PayPal Here Works

Using PayPal Here is simple. Just plug the dongle on your iPhone or Android device and it will instantly show your business’ products. Just tap on the items that your customer wants to purchase, and choose the payment method that he or she likes. It can be through cash, card, check or PayPal invoice.

Swipe your customer’s card on the reader, and hand it to him or her to give you a tip and sign. By tapping the “Complete Purchase” button, you customer will be redirected to the receipt option. He or she can choose to have the receipt sent to her mobile or email, or select not to receive any receipts at all. When you’re done, the funds are instantly available in your My PayPal account.


PayPal Here’s encrypted reader is available to small businesses for free, and can be used to accept credit card payments. The dongle can also be used to accept checks and monitor cash transactions. It’s also applicable to send an invoice for on-the-spot services. The invoice will be sent via customer’s email, and can be paid through PayPal online or using any credit card.

PayPal will be shipping its device to selected merchants starting today. If you want to be one of them, just head on to PayPal Here’s official website and sign up for a notification.

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