Two Button or Three Button Mens Suits

Throughout the 72 years of King Louis XIV in power, an archetype shift in men’s wear was coming to completion. Around the year 1650 men began to grow into a new identity and stopped wearing cloaks and doublets which was a standard part of men’s wardrobes since the beginning of the 16th century. The reign of Louis XIV blasted men’s wear, they began wearing vests, coats and breeches which evolved into a trend we now know as “Men’s Suits”.

You may have a healthy mix of two and three button suits in your closet already, but you still might wonder what works best. Three button suits might have been more popular in the last decade, but everyone should keep at least one two button suit around. Whether one is considering purchasing an expensive designer suit along the lines of Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Hugo Boss,  Giorgio Armani, or Calvin Klein or simply cruising the local thrift or consignment shop for a trendy new look it becomes increasingly important to consider the style of closure that your garment will have the most popular contemporary styles being the 2 button and 3 button suit. When you come to buy a single breasted suit, probably one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether you are interested in a two or three button design. What should you look for? Which one is more fashionable? And which one can you wear for the longest amount of time? If you’re still stumped about what type of suit to choose, read on:


The two button suit has been increasingly in popularity over the course of the last few years, and is now quite easily the more common of the two styles, especially amongst designer labels as the style is currently the tops when it comes to fashion. Two button, single breasted suits have been the dominant silhouette in American suiting for the past 80 years. Unlike three button design, these suits are more immune to the whims of fashion that is, provided that you select a two button suit in a more conservative, traditional material like navy, charcoal, solids, pinstripes, etc.. The two button suit is often referred to as the “single breasted” suit, as it is considered the basic model of the single breasted suit design.

The two button suit is an excellent choice for casual wear, lending itself perfectly to being worn with denim, whether that be designer jeans or even quality vintage jeans with a slight tint or wash. When paired with a fitted dress shirt, sport shirt, or even a well co-ordinates t-shirt or ringer, a two button blazer or suit jacket is the perfect item to pull a smart casual look together with impact and cohesiveness. Best for the two button suit is the universal standard because its frame lengthening properties complement virtually all builds, and it has an enduring, classic appeal. If you have a short torso, two button suits are also the best way to go.

The two button suit can also be great for shorter men, especially in formal or semi-formal situations. The construction of a two button suit accents the shoulders, making them appear broader and straighter, while simultaneously lengthening the appearance of the torso an aesthetic plus and extremely complimentary. This is not to say that taller gentlemen will not benefit from the above attributes as well, as they certainly might. The 2 button suits will give you its full benefits depending on the type of body that you have. Men that are tall are advised to wear 2 button suits because this will make them look sharp and handsome. Shorter and stockier type of men are preferred to wear one buttoned suit that visually creates more space in ones body. Making a certain illusion that says you have more space in your body, by simply having less buttons, and one’s short height will not be so much of a factor. It is indeed very wise for you to obtain the perfect type of suit, to do that have a little chat with your tailor and listen to what they have to say. Trend factor on two button suit is an exquisitely tailored suit that lacks unnecessary extras is timeless, so it won’t ever go out of style. However, you’ll want to replace it every five years to make sure your look stays current. If you don’t own a suit or you only keep one at a time in your closet, a two button suit is a must for you. Things can get dated after too much time, even in the simplest styles. So if you just stepped into the world of the urban working class and struggling with your wardrobe essentials. Forget those thoughts because casual laid-back clothing style no longer applies to this decade. It is a must that you are well dressed and primped for work. It must be mentioned that the 2 button men suits is the most popular choice for casual clothing these days.


Three button suits gained popularity in the 1990s, and this trend continues today. Three button suits tend to work better if you like to wear a vest with your suit, as less of the vest is shown beneath the jacket. And the general rule when wearing a three button suit is that you do up the top two buttons and leave the lowest one undone. Aside from being purely a matter of style, this also makes the suit a bit more comfortable, particularly when you’re sitting down. The three button suit is a a very classic look that entrust a more formal look upon the wearer usually the case wherever buttons are concerned. The more buttons, typically, the more formal the garment.

Now that men are becoming dressier and acutely aware of their own personal style, casual dressing now involves suiting up. When or where to wear it? Three button suits are a good alternative to two button suits for office wear, particularly if you’re looking to stand out slightly from everyone else in the style department. The 3 button choice is a bit more conservative in nature and for this reason can be better suited for everyday wear in a business environment. Taller men might enjoy the higher closure of a suit of this particular make, providing a tighter fit around the chest and a typically straight silhouette. How to wear it? The recent trend for wearing three button suits has been to fasten the top two buttons, but this can make the lapels on some suits appear unusually short, and you run the risk of appearing somewhat awkward. If you don’t naturally have an abundance of confidence, close only the middle button for an elegant look. Whatever you do, never close the bottom button doing so will distort the drape of the fabric. Perfect for everyday wear, the 3 button suit is flexible for random mixing and matching that appeal to the wearer. Of course personal style is personal style, yet trying to come up with a fashion statement may not be a very good idea altogether. There are still rules to follow. To blend in with the hip crowd on men’s fashion, take time to adapt the latest trends and the three button suits that is the current fashion necessity for men nowadays. Additionally, though you will never do up all three buttons because it will create a stiff look, you should be able to close the buttons on a good suit without pulling or stretching the fabric.

It can be difficult to find a fashionable and appropriate three button suit at a thrift store, or a consignment shop. The lack of variety and size range in particular styles can be limiting, as a three button suit is possessed of a more difficult fit for most builds, the higher closure leading to a less accommodating chest measurement. This does not mean that a great deal cannot be found, however, popular colors in three button suits tend to trend in more traditional colors, simple black or navy.

Practically, two and three button suits work just the same. It used to be the ideology that older, more conservative gentlemen favored two button designs, while younger men and more fashionable types wore three button suits. Well, that simply isn’t the case anymore as sales are split, and at the moment we seem to be in the middle of the cycle, each style with its own advocate. After all the decision rests with you. Try them on with a judging eye and simply suit yourself.

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