Capcom wants You to Unlock Street Fighter X Tekken’s On-disc Content for $100

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After Capcom released Street Fighter X Tekken for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, players discovered notable content that were locked on the retail disc. The on-disc content includes 14 characters, a set of costumes, character color, gems and quick combo presets. The game publisher confirmed that the content were intentionally included and locked out, but they have plans to make it accessible for an additional fee.

The twelve unannounced characters will cost $20 each, and will be available for the Vita version later this year for free. The alternate costumes are tagged at $1 each, which is said to be included in the game’s $100 worth of DLC. Some gems and colors can be accessed for free. Regardless, players will need to shell out over $120 to access content that were already available on Street Fighter X Tekken’s disc.

Pre-order Cancellation and Complaints

The game publisher also advertised a key multiplayer feature for Street Fighter X Tekken’s Xbox 360 version, only for gamers to find out upon purchase that it wasn’t included in the package. In response to this, the company released contradictory statements. According to a statement released Capcom’s Senior Vice President Christian Svensson last March 5:

It is NOT possible to mix and match online and offline players for scramble battles and pair play battles. So you either have to have all players be offline and local (so 4 players, 1 Xbox) or have all the players be online (4 players, 4 Xboxes).

It was followed by a statement from Assistant Producer Tomoaki Ayano last March 13:

Unfortunately, due to time and resource issues, we weren’t able to get that feature into the Xbox 360 version and we apologize to those players who were looking forward to it.

Although Capcom fans have enough of the game publishers’ DLC practices, it remains unnoticed by the mainstream media. Nevertheless, those who are aware of their schemes have used various avenues to vent out their frustrations. Many gamers have also cancelled their pre-order for future Capcom products, and even threaten complaints to the Better Business Bureau.


It’s a no-brainer that additional fee for content that are supposed to be accessible from the retail disc is controversial these days. That’s why the gaming industry is struggling to figure out how they can work around on charging players for additional content. Otherwise, their gamers will be forever frustrated and will no longer purchase any of their games.

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