5 Reasons Why Men Love Strip Bars When They Travel

It’s probably not an assumption to say that most men love strip bars. Why? Because there’s naked women in there.

However, there’s more to it than that. For example, it’s a great guy hang out, like for the traditional bachelor’s party. It’s also a place where you can be yourself and leave the world behind. But, there’s something about going to a strip club when you’re traveling that’s really special. Besides the nudity, here are five reasons why men love strip clubs when they travel.

5. Opportunity to Mingle With Local Women

You’ve probably managed to have at least a couple of out-of-town experiences, so you’re well aware that different regions of the U.S., and of course the world, have people with various looks, accents and dialects. And, these factors make women in different areas attractive because they’re “exotic”.

Sure. You may have the chance to meet lots of people during your journey, but going to a local strip club gives you the opportunity to chat, and gawk, at the numerous women from that part of the world. Since they’re trying to earn a living by actually hitting on you, there’s no chance of them turning you down, which could happen at a bar. During this time, you get to mingle with some hot, naked locals.

4. Relaxation

A lot of men find strip clubs relaxing. In fact, many guys will get together and make the trip to a strip club on a regular basis.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the same can be said for a strip club while on your travels. It’s a great place to blow off some steam or can be a part of a guys trip. You can just hang out, have a couple of drinks and catch some live entertainment. There are even some strip clubs that offer massages.

3. Escape From Reality

Everyone needs an escape from reality from time-to-time, that’s why traveling is much-needed.

During your trip, a strip club can add to that escape. It’s a place where men can experience some of their fantasies, without being judged. They also provide you the opportunity to experience something new and different.

2. Companionship

If you’re traveling solo, chances are that you may get a bit lonely.

You could hit a local bar or pub, but they get old and noisy after a while. While you may have a chance to converse with some people, the bar scene also has a lot of distractions. Instead of being a bar fly, you could visit a local strip club. Believe it or not, you actually have a chance to make some small talk without those distractions while getting a lap dance. There’s nothing more a man likes than talking to a beautiful woman, who just so happens to be showing lots of skin.

You could find out some things to do in the area or complain about work during your small talk. The best part is that there is absolutely no chance of taking her back to your room, but you get some one-on-one companionship, so there’s no feelings of guilt when you leave if you happen to be in a relationship.

1. Won’t Get Caught

Unlike going to a strip club in your particular neck of the woods, there’s no chance of having an uncomfortable run-in with someone that you might know. It could be anyone from the husband of your significant others friend to the local football coach to your boss. Besides having an unwanted and awkward encounter, going to a strip club in a distant location also means that there is no fear of your trip getting back to anyone that you know.

You don’t have to sweat or fear someone spotting you walking into a strip club and telling your girlfriend or wife. Which means, not having to get try and explain yourself or coming up with some lame lie. Even if your girl is alright with you occasionally going to a strip club, you still don’t want the whole town to think that you’re some sort of deviant. There’s probably nothing more embarrassing than having your neighbors or coworkers whispering behind your back with that judgmental glare.

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