Apple iPad 3 Gets Super Hot (100+ Degrees) says Consumer Reports

Image via Apple Insider

Consumer advocacy group Consumer Reports tested Apple’s new iPad and found out that it can heat up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit when running graphic-intensive games. This issue made a buzz across the Internet after a Dutch website Tweakers posted an infrared test of the latest tablet versus iPad 2. In the experiment, they found out that the new iPad is ten degrees hotter than the iPad 2, which only measures at 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

As posted by Consumer Reports’ Donna Tapellini:

During our tests, I held the new iPad in my hands. When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period.

Consumer Reports’ Findings

The new iPad’s highest temperature is 113 degrees Fahrenheit when unplugged, and 116 degrees Fahrenheit when plugged. The advocacy group added that they were playing Epic’s Infinity Blade II while testing the device. It is standing up with Apple’s Smart Cover, the 4G LTE connection was off, and it was plugged in while the game ran for 45 minutes.

Consumer Reports also find out the latest tablet wouldn’t recharge its battery while plugged and running a game. This only suggests that its battery continues to drain because the A5X processor can draw power that’s too great for its USB connection to handle.

Apple’s Response and the Voice of the Users

Compared to Apple’s iPad 2, the new tablet’s larger battery, Retina Display and more powerful quad-core processing unit caused the slight increase in its operating temperature. As Apple spokeswoman Trudy Miller shared on The Loop:

The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina Display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus ten hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns, they should contact AppleCare.

Other than the quad-core graphics processing found on the new A5X chip, the device’s higher temperature was also associated with the processor’s new metal heat spreader that powers it. However, the company pointed out that the temperature of the latest tablet didn’t exceed their specification of 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

On Apple’s support forum, users generally said that the new iPad operates warmer than the iPad 2, particularly on the left-bottom part of the tablet. There are also very few claims that the new iPad overheats. On the other hand, many said that they didn’t notice any temperature changes on the devices. Some users also reported that they were able to reduce the device’s temperature by reducing the brightness of the high-definition Retina Display.

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  1. Mr J says:

    There isn’t any problem with the Ipad 3. If your find it hot your just holding it the wrong way. To hold the Ipad 3 correctly in landscape, you are supposed to hold it on the top and at the bottom edges. Not like how you traditionally hold a tablet.

    I also suggest getting a plastic case this should shield most of the heat from your fingers so you wont find it hot.

  2. Obvious says:

    Apple could kill this topic if they just mentioned how hot the common laptop gets–which is much hotter then the ipad3…this is a non-issue

  3. Tracey says:

    I have never seen the need for tablets. Until my life took a new direction. Due to income changes price became a huge factor. I was unable to find a tablet equal to the iPad? Programming and photos are beyond other tablets out there currently. I couldn’t beat what the iPad offered for the price? I was well aware of the heating issues. I went to several locations near closing to see how hot the product got running plugged in all day? And talked to several owners. Only at one location did I in counter a hot iPad but nothing I wasn’t able to hold and use? I have had myipad now for over a week with no issues of the product getting hot? I have played it well charging and played for hours? No problems with anything? No wifi issues? Nothing? Great product!!!