Nissan’s Datsun, Making a Comeback!

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During their visit in Jakarta, Indonesia, Nissan revealed their plan to revive the Datsun name in the market to introduce low-cost cars and increase sales in India, Russia, and Indonesia in 2014. CEO Carlos Ghosn said:

It’s a green car, affordable car, small displacement, high local content… it’s going to be a generous car.

Nissan will invest $400 million in Indonesia for the next two years, aiming to double the hiring and triple the dealership in the country to 90,000. Additionally, the car manufacturer partnered with Ashok Leyland Ltd. in India in an effort to expand its brand awareness in the market. They also announced their new factory in Brazil, while Renault-Nissan is soon to unveil its deal with Russian brand AvtoVAZ. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll limit their market on the said countries.

Nissan Cars: History and Beyond

In its long history of car manufacturing and sales, the company was able to sell cars under various names including DAT Motors, which was used in early 1900’s. It later became DAT Automobile Manufacturing and introduced the 495-cc passenger vehicle called Datson, which is also dubbed as “Son of DAT.”

By 1958, Datsun cars entered the US market, while the company reserved the Nissan name for high-end sedans and trucks. In 1981, they transitioned from Datsun to Nissan, and many models that carry both names emerged that time.

As of the moment, Nissan is the third best selling brand in Indonesia with Grand Livina minivan as its most popular brand and accounts to 45 percent of their sales.

Contributing to Datsun’s Future

The Datsun first became available in Japan during the 1920’s. However, it was phased out in the 1980’s when the company decided to focus on mid-market buyers and its upscale car model—the Infiniti. The reason the car manufacturer wants to re-emerge the Datsun model is due to Indonesia’s current economy. Ghosn explained:

Datsun was introduced to Japan to bring reliable, affordable and contemporary technology to consumers who has too few choices. Today is the very situation in Indonesia. There is a growing segment of up and coming customers who have few choices.

They can buy motorcycles, they can buy used vehicles or they can buy a new vehicle but one based on older technology. We will offer them an exciting new choice. Datsun is part of our company heritage and will now contribute to its future.

The automaker hopes that they will be able to increase their sales through their affordable Datsun-branded models.

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