Apple’s new iPad has Weak Wi-Fi Reception says Users

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There is a growing thread at the Apple Support Communities website, wherein dozen of users shared their issues with the new iPad’s weak Wi-Fi reception. Additionally, there were also reports that the area were strong Wi-Fi signals were previously achieved is now weak or have no reception at all.

Users Complain over new iPad’s Weak Wi-Fi Reception

A couple of users compared the reception of their new iPad to iPhone or MacBook Pro. It turns out that the tablet has weak or no connectivity, while other devices receive a strong signal in particular areas.

Another user compare the performance of his new iPad versus the first-generation iPad and iPhone 4S. According to his forum post:

“FYI, I’m having the exact same problem as reported by everyone else here. iPad 1 and iPhone 4S and laptop all have perfect WiFi connections. iPad 3 has serious connection problems. I ran app on both devices side by side and iPad 3 has half the throughput as all other devices.”

Owners of the new iPad who are posting on Apple’s forums claimed that they’ve attempted to resolve their issues with AppleCare representatives, while others talked to retail store personnel. Some users were able to replace their tablets with a new unit, and did not have any problems at all. On the other hand, there were those who switched back to iPad 2 after multiple replacements of the new iPad.

In 2010, Apple also received complaints on Wi-Fi related issues during the release of the first iPad. They addressed this issue by rolling out a software update.

4G LTE Data Hog Issues

It seems that Apple is facing a lot of user complaints as of the moment. Yesterday, AMOG reported about Consumer Reports’ claim that the new iPad is ten degrees hotter than its predecessor. However, the company’s spokeswoman Trudy Miller shared on The Loop that the tablet is “operating well within our thermal specifications.”

Other than the new iPad’s temperature and weak Wi-Fi reception issues, there were also reports that the device’s 4G LTE connectivity eats up a lot of data compared to 3G. Users who were streaming March Madness games recently found out that they were burning their allotted 4G data in a matter of hours. However, this shouldn’t come in as a surprise.

Video streaming is much more of a data hog than reading emails or checking your social media account’s profile feed.  That’s why it’s advisable to connect via Wi-Fi network, if available, to save your data.


Although Apple is not releasing any response to user feedback yet, customers are welcome to contact AppleCare to lobby their issues with the new iPad 3.

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