Ladies and Gentlemen, The World’s First All-Diamond, 150-carat Ring

Alright gentlemen. Are looking for a diamond ring that would be the envy of Beyoncé’s 18-carat engagement ring from Jay-Z or the late Elizabeth Taylor’s amazing 30-carat from Richard Burton? Well, you’re in luck, if you happen to have $70 million.

Shawish Jewelry, based in Switzerland, has just unveiled the world’s first truly diamond ring. And, by truly, we mean a ring made entirely out of a diamond.

Typically, diamond rings are composed of precious metals for the band, while the centerpiece contains the diamond itself. This 150-carat-of-a-whopper-ring is all diamond. And, we can’t specify that enough.

The ring was the brainchild of Shawish’s president and CEO Mohamed Shawesh by using lasers and traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques. It took the Shawesh team an entire year to carve the ring, which is completely understandable.

The ring was recently on display at Baselworld, which some believe means that this over-the-top piece of jewelry is still on the market.

If you’re waiting for a cheaper imitation to hit the shelves, then you probably don’t want to hold your breath. Shawish has already copyrighted the design.

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