Amazon Offers a “Buy PS3, Get Free Game” Promo

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Online retailer Amazon released a limited-time offer to all fans of Sony Computer Entertainment games. Starting today, players that will buy a PlayStation 3 320GB model can get a free game from any of these titles:

•    Uncharted 3
•    Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition
•    Twisted Metal
•    MLB 12: The Show

All the games included in the promotion have mostly positive ranking, and was released late last year (for Uncharted 3) or earlier this year.

Getting the Limited Offer

As posted on Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, buyer must add the PlayStation 3 320GB unit and one of the qualifying free games on his or her Shopping Cart via “Add to Shopping Cart” button. Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button afterwards, and the Order Summary will show discount which will be reflected on the lowest priced item. The online retailer also offers Sony’s game console for $299.99, excluding shipping and handling fee.

Terms and Conditions

Although the online retailer’s offer may sound tempting, buyers must take the time to read their Terms and Conditions before jumping in. A customer can only avail for the promotion once, which only applies for the PlayStation 3 320GB unit and any one of the four Sony Computer Entertainment games listed above.

Items that are placed in the Shopping Cart overnight, bought from merchants other than Amazon, purchased from their other websites like or, or acquired from other online marketplace are not eligible for the promotion. Additionally, customers can only avail the limited offer when the game console and its qualifying free items are bought in one completed order to a single address.

Substitutions, rain check and void are prohibited, as well as those items purchased through 1-Click ordering. Furthermore, the promotion may not be included with other offers –– including bonus items.

Since the offer is only good while it lasts, Amazon has the right to terminate or modify its limited offer at any time. Regardless, the online retailer is offering more than a fair deal on games that would otherwise hold a price range of $40-60. Moreover, this is more realistic than what they offered in January 2011.

It should be recalled that Amazon listed Sony’s PlayStation 3’s 60GB model $39.99. It turns out that the online merchandiser Target was the source of the buzz. Obviously, people went crazy and took advantage of the offer. But claims have emerged that Target is actually offering a PlayStation Move accessory, which is the “Shooter Grip.” Amazon eventually removed the item on their listing, while the online merchandiser cancelled all PlayStation 3/Shooter Grip orders.

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