Next-gen iPhone with 4G LTE and 3.5-inch Screen, Heading to Streets this Fall

Based on rumors emerging across the Web, Apple’s next-gen iPhone will arrive on fall of this year. Furthermore, it will feature a 3.5-inch display and a high-speed 4G LTE connectivity.

To Increase or Not to Increase the Screen Size

Last Friday, March 23, iMore reported that Apple’s next iPhone is most likely to hit the streets this October. In line with the company’s release of iPhone 4S last year, the report also said that they’re planning to feature a 3.5-inch display for the next mobile phone.

However, it contradicts Reuters’ report earlier last week that the next-gen iPhone will boast a much larger 4.6-inch Retina Display. Citing Maeil Business Newspaper from South Korea, an anonymous industry source informed the Korean publication that the Cupertino-based company opted for a larger display and has started ordering from suppliers. In addition, the display will sport a 300-pixels-per-inch density Retina Display.

Samsung and LG became candidates as feasible suppliers of the part, considering that they’ve previously supplied display for the company. On the other hand, Apple watchers dismissed this report afterwards. They stated that a dramatic shift in screen size will present complications for software developers who are creating iOS apps for the 3.5-inch screen.

4G LTE Radio, Coming to the Next-gen iPhone

Other than the screen size, it was also rumored that Apple’s upcoming handset will sport a 4G LTE radio. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the company recently introduced the technology with its new iPad. Additionally, the company is also said to replace its 30-pin dock connector with a smaller and space-saving micro-dock.

It’s also yet to be known whether the upcoming handset will run on an iOS 6 mobile operating system. Although Apple usually launches a new version of its iOS alongside a new phone, a nine-month cycle could be impossible for them to roll out even a modest update.

Rumors of the next iPhone gained traction last week, after a note from investment firm Barclays revealed that Apple is reviewing the potential components of its future mobile phone. The note indicated that the upcoming handset will have Qualcomm’s “MDM9615” LTE chip, which can support voice and data connections through 4G networks. Similar to iPhone 4S, its successor is also expected to be a “world” device that can support any 4G LTE networks.


Although the news about the next iPhone’s component is making a buzz now, everything is yet to be set in stone. Until Apple released an official announcement that its future handset is coming, gadget enthusiasts can only wait and speculate.

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