Your new Verizon iPad can be a LTE Hotspot

Apple’s new iPad feature 4G LTE connectivity, regardless of the owner’s US mobile carrier subscription. However, the new iPad for Verizon also boasts an exclusive capability of distributing its mobile broadband connection to other devices. In fact, the carrier’s tablet unit can do it up to five times longer than most stand-alone LTE mobile hotspots.

Better LTE Reception and Sharing

In a report made by AnandTech’s Anand Lal Shimpi, he revealed that the new Verizon iPad could act as a mobile LTE hotspot with other devices. Moreover, it can distribute it high-speed connection for approximately 25.3 hours. However, the device’s display should be turned off in order for the connection sharing to last long.

Regardless, the Verizon tablet’s capability is almost five times longer than the popular LTE MiFi hotspots from Novatel and Samsung. AnandTech associates this feature with the tablet’s 42.5Wh MDM9600 battery from Qualcomm.

The technology and gadget news site The Verge also made a test on Apple’s new Verizon iPad. On their independent experiment, they’ve configured a notebook to use the tablet’s LTE connection. It turns out that it took more than 24 hours before the device’s battery was exhausted. But similar to AnandTech, the screen was also turned off, in addition to notifications and push email accounts. The site also added:

“Best of all, we saw no evidence of dropped or stalled connections. That’s not to say there aren’t caveats here: LTE reception in our Manhattan office is top notch, and it remains unclear how things would fare in areas with weak signal.”

New iPad for Verizon’s LTE Hotspot Capabilities

Earlier this month, Verizon announced that customers will be able to use their new iPad as a 4G LTE connection hotspot –– one thing that makes them ahead of AT&T. It should also be recalled that the New York City-based carrier enabled the same feature on Apple’s iPhone 4 in 2011.

Meanwhile, this feature is unavailable for AT&T subscribers as of the moment. However, a spokesman hinted earlier this month that it’s “working with Apple” to enable the same feature on their units. But it still remains to be seen as to when the carrier can offer it to their consumers in the future.

Other than its stunning Retina Display, A5X processor, iSight camera and Wi-Fi capabilities, Apple also boasted that their latest tablet supports 4G LTE connection. Regardless of which carrier was the first to enable the LTE hotspot feature, it only shows that it can really support the high-speed network.

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