BMW South Africa Introduces the first F30 3 Series Racecar

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Together with ADF Motorsport, BMW South Africa introduced the F30 335i racecar, which is set to compete at this year’s SA Production Car championship. The automaker touts that the 335i is the first F30 3 Series racing car in the world, although the manufacturer’s 3 Series has been on the market for 40 years now. It will make its debut on March 31, at the Wesbank Super Series race meeting at Killarney, Cape Town.

F30 335i: Under the Hood

ADF Motorsport was responsible for the development of the car. Because the F30 335i is made mainly of carbon-fiber from BMW’s M performance aftermarket catalogue, it only weighs 1360 kg. It’s also powered by N55 TwinPower turbocharged engine, and includes 370mm M Performance front disk brakes, 18-inches BBS rims and the Akrapovic exhaust system.

Team principal Donovan van Heerden also added:

“We installed a MoTec engine control unit featuring the new M1 system which makes this car the first in the world to run direct injection on a production based race car. We have also fitted a GPS data logging process system, which draws data from the engine management system to warn the driver of any electronic faults during racing.”

However, a power upgrade is not available to the 335i due to the SA Production car regulations. The regulation specifies a 40mm restrictor plate on the turbo inlet and a boost not exceeding to 0.7 bars. But because of the racecar’s new engine management system, exhaust and turbocharger, it can still deliver over 300kW and 600nm of torque.

The Cost of Good Partnership and High-quality Racecar

The team said that it took them almost two months and $260,000 to build the 335i. However, the result of their hard work was rewarding. BMW South Africa’s General Manager of Aftersales Supply Chain Rod Baxter shared:

“The partnership with ADF Motorsport represents a big step for BMW South Africa in showcasing various BMW M Performance parts available for customers to fit in their cars without compromising on their warranty, especially those who appreciate performance parts in their vehicles and are eager to have these parts fitted in the new BMW 3 Series.”

Furthermore, its size, built and luxury makes it more grown-up that its predecessors. But it’s yet to be known whether this not-so-small but sweet and extremely fun-to-drive compact saloon racecar will not disappoint its spectators.


The F30 3 series 335i racecar by BMW South Africa and ADF Motorsport will have 2010 Production Car Champion Anthony Taylor and German Formula Three Championship racer Etienne van der Linde behind the wheels at the SA Production Car competition this year.

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