Call of Duty Black Ops 2 : Coming this November 2012?

Image via Call of Duty Black Ops for PC

Game publisher Activision recently announced that its popular first-person shooter game Call of Duty Black Ops will have a sequel. It was followed by a leak of rumors, revealing that the game will be released on November 6, 2012. However, nothing is set to stone yet.

In addition, a post on the Black Ops official forum unveiled Call of Duty Black Ops 2’s game modes, point streaks, map design and more. But the post was quickly deleted by Activision afterwards.

Black Ops 2’s Rumored Gaming Details

In terms of game mode, the forum post indicated that it’s similar to Search and Destroy, although a live player must be escorted to one or two of the areas on the map without being killed. Each match will have rounds that are consisting of one life only. Meanwhile, the Drop Zone and Kill Confirmed will make a comeback on the game.

The Call of Duty sequel will follow Modern Warfare 3’s map design and point streak system, which has a larger emphasis on objectives.

  • Bomb plant = 2 points
  • Neutral flag = 1 point
  • Enemy flag = 2 points
  • Flag assist capture = 1 point
  • Flag capture = 2 points

In terms of the modified Specialist Point Streak, a gamer can get one perk for every two kills, while the fourth kill earns them two more perks. The sixth and eighth kill can earn a player three and four perks respectively, although not all of it can be instantly acquired on the eighth kill. There’s also the new Point Streak reward called Heat Vision, which players can activate by acquiring the required points.

Activision also upgraded Call of Duty Black Ops 2’s Perk System. Users now have two options that they can advance using a perk, but this will require unlocking various challenges. As for its Prestige Mode, the game will have 50 rank levels and 15 prestiges. Two prestiges is equivalent to five rank increases, while the final prestige has 90 levels.

Other changes made on the game are its ELITE 2.0, wherein it’s fully incorporated in the game and the combat record was renamed to ELITE Stats. There will no longer be MOAB or Nuke, last stand, death streaks and flame thrower attachment. Combat Training is also back in the game with vast improvements, as the bots will now have a more advanced Artificial Intelligence.


Again, everything stated above are still considered as rumors. Hence, until Activision officially announced something related to Call of Duty Black Ops 2, it all should be taken as a grain of salt.

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