Neuw Denim Latest Collection

Welcome to Neuw Denim’s latest Spring/Summer 2012 line. Can you ever have enough denim? Of course not, women notice men in fresh new jeans and Neuw’s 2012 summer range is something you will want to take advantage of. Designers looked to the art of David Hockney for creative inspiration, bringing classic vintage inspired denim, black denim, slim jeans, and stretch denim jeans together for what they’re calling Black Colour jeans. They’ve even gone as far as releasing a small line of denim shorts for a very authentic summer style (though I wouldn’t be caught dead in these personally.) I say stick to the jean line which offers a new range of colors with each passing season.

Black Colour denim comes in both high waisted and low rider styles, a colored thread on top and a black underneath, which together creates a deeper and longer lasting “worn” denim look. Point being: you never want your jeans to look brand new (save that for the poindexters.) Different colors offered range from berry to green in vintage hues.

Neuw Denim bases their entire look on a very iconic vintage feel. Their whole philosophy is “Vintage Revision.” Which means collecting vintage jean fits, denim fabrics, and small classic details from the past 100 years, then combining it with traditional pattern making and modern day tailoring. Neuw Denim doesn’t only stick to denim; they also offer a small line of shirts, sweaters and jackets (though most of this is obsolete to buyers until the next winter season.)

The shirt line is definitely worth a look no matter what the season. The pricing can be a bit stiff, but you get what you pay for. A pair of these jeans will easily last five or six years, if not a life time. Though geared more towards the rebel yell, rock & roll look, a pair of these jeans can infused with whatever look you’re going for.

Denim goes with everything. If a more hip hop look is your thing, artists such as Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne have made it very stylish to rock slim fitting jeans. Remember: baggy is over. Keep it cool, keep it clean and most of all – keep it slim. Women love a man who is capable of keeping up with modern trends. Looking good means sticking out and sticking out means being noticed, this ultimately leads to sex and that’s the goal, right fellas?


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