Technology-Related Physical Ailments that You Should Know

Image via PC World

It’s a no-brainer how technology was able to advance by leaps and bounds, and how it became beneficial to people. However, anthropologists observed that it also produced an advanced array of rare maladies to its users. Because of the fast innovation of technology, it stands to reason that technology-related physical ailments are emerging in a rapid pace too.

Game Controller Claw

Prolonged use of game consoles can cause painful cramping of the hand or fingers called Game Controller Claw. This physical ailments starts to manifest when a gamer’s hands conform the console’s un-ergonomic design. There’s no sure cure from this malady other than to abstain.

Netflix Wandering Eye

Netflix Wandering Eye is a physiological reaction wherein a user’s eyes continue to move from right to left. This usually occurs when a Netflix owner gets used to the moving video images across the screen. The eyes will be accustomed with the movement and will continue to move even if the scrolling has stopped.

Tablet Slouch

From the name itself, Tablet Slouch is a condition wherein a user slouches too much to focus on his tablet. Since tablet screens are usually situated beneath eye-level, users will have to curve their head, neck and back just to see what’s on their device’s display. This could result to a serious back and neck pain or even migraine.

Other than letting your mom bug you to fix your posture, physical therapists suggest to stand flat against a wall. Then pull your chin in as far as you can go to straighten out your slouched muscles.

Touchscreen Finger

The Touchscreen Finger is an irritation on the side of a user’s index finger due to swiping on touchscreen devices. You’ll know if you are affected by this malady if your index finger shows redness, soreness or even blisters. The same with Game Controller Claw, restraint is advised to cure Touchscreen Finger.

Wii Elbow

The same with Tennis Elbow, the Wii Elbow shows a tendinitis-like pain in the arm –– specifically around the elbow. It’s believed to be the result of playing too much Wii tennis or any console game that requires arm movements. Unfortunately, there’s no Wii Health Clinic app that can digitally alleviate a gamer’s real-world discomfort.


To sum it up, living in moderation is the key if you don’t want to be afflicted with these technology-related physical ailments. Hence, if you think that something’s unusual with your body, it’s time to considering restraining yourself from too much advanced and smart devices.

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