Apple to Mass Produce MacBook Pro 13” and 15”

Image via Apple

Rumors emerged, claiming that the Cupertino-based company Apple is planning to mass-produce its MacBook Pro 15” and 13” models on April and June respectively. There were also reports that their monthly production capacity of the 15-inch MacBook Pro will start around 100,000 to 150,000 units, and will “rise gradually.”

What the Sources Says

Taiwanese technology news sites DigiTimes reported that Apple is planning to mass produce its 15-inch MacBook Pro next month. However, a source from the upstream supply chain tipped the site that the company made higher order of its 13.3-inch laptop models. It is said that the company is anticipating higher demands for its 13.3-inch MacBook Pro than the larger version. However, the smaller model will not begin mass production until June.

There were also reports earlier this month that the laptops had entered production, although its machines are said to lack optical drives. However, “more advanced specs” than MacBook Air are being maintained.

Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge chips also made a buzz last Wednesday, as it is scheduled to be launched by the end of next month. It is said that the processor are bound to Apple’s new Macs. It should also be recalled that the company is said to gear up its laptops for Retina Display.

Combining MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro

It only goes to show that Apple wants to blur the line between their MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. Last month, AppleInsider reported that Apple wants to exit this year with their notebooks having a complete overhaul. They’re planning to have MacBook Pro adopt the design traits of their MacBook Air.

Simply put, the next generation of MacBook Pro will have ultrathin body, optical disk drive, traditional hard drive, lightweight chassis, flash-memory based solid slate drives, instant-on capabilities and extended battery life. However, it’s yet to be known whether the company will integrate the two lineups under one name. Meanwhile, existing MacBook Pro designs are deemed to be phased out over the course of the year.


The transition is in line with the surging sale of Apple’s notebooks despite the broader market. This urges competitors to revamp their own devices too, in hopes of shifting the consumers from MacBook Air to their offerings. Therefore, they should roll out their 14- and 15-inch ultrabook models to use it as their major sales force in order to have their share on the market.

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