Frye Sully Boat Shoes

Hear me out, boat shoes are cool! And besides, how many shoe companies do you know of that have been around since the 1800s? The Frye Company started on Elm Street in Marlboro, Massachusetts in the year 1863. First famous for making boots, the people who wore Frye Shoes were adventurous New England pioneers that ventured west in search for a better life. During World War II, Frye shoes creator, John A. Frye supplied thousands of soldiers and pilots with “Frye Wellingtons,” a.k.a. – jet boots. How cool is that? Can you think of a better company you would rather give your money to? By mail order, The Frye Company jet boots took journey on the feet of American soldiers everywhere from Normandy to Okinawa, even General Patton owned a pair!

In 2012, The Frye Shoe Company holds a treasured place in American history, been a part of many, many, international fashion spreads and continues to carry heavy sales across the globe. Most of the different Frye Shoe lines still include many styles carried over from the 1860 originals.

Today, I’m telling you about the “Sully Woven Boat,” which comes with an open-weave construction that only has a very unique look, but also gives the shoe extra breathability (your feet won’t stink in this shoe!) The different features include:

Woven nubuck leather upper.

Thick cut leather lacing that continues through the collar, keeping the shoe in place.

Trapunto detail at heel, giving it unexpected shape.

Lightly cushioned outsole.

Durable rubber outsole.

The different colorways offered are dark brown, navy, slate and sand. If boat shoes are not your thing, I highly, highly, recommend checking out the different boot styles offered, but remember: Ferris Bueller was the type of dude who wore boat shoes and he’s a legend! As an added bonus, The Frye Company also offers a line of awesome leather overnight duffle bags, flap brief cases, pen cases, wallets and zip pouches. Do yourself a favor and check this company out! And look, the pricing can be a bit stiff, but the quality is top notch by a company that has been making shoes longer than most cities have been around.

Inside information: Did you know boat shoes were first invented after a designer by the name of Paul Sperry noticed a dog’s ability to run over ice without sipping or falling down? He then used a blade to cut “sipings” into the bottom of his shoe soles and the perfect non-slip boat shoe was born.

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