Have a Job Interview? Don’t Wear Too Much Jewelry

We here at AMOG have attempted several times in the past to assist our readers in properly dressing for a job interview. This has included most importantly how to dress for a job interview.

But, why do so many people emphasize the importance of your wardrobe, accessories and grooming when going for a job interview? While it should be common sense to look presentable, the main reason is that a first impression does matter. It’s been said that about 90% of your possible employer’s opinion will be determined by the first impression based off your appearance. It’s also been said that takes less than 30 seconds for someone to make up their mind on you.

However, we really haven’t gone into much depth when it comes to jewelry. With that in mind, here are five great tips on jewelry for men to avoid for that ever-important job interview.

5. A Ring Other Than…

When men go in for a job interview they should really wear little or no jewelry. That’s probably the best advice that you should retain.

But, since we’re focusing specifically on rings right now, here’s what you should steer clear. Any ring(s) other than a wedding band or a class ring. The wedding band is obvious, no one is going to frown upon a man for wearing that, but we’re a little skeptical on a class ring. Remember, less is more and a bulky class ring could be an unwanted distraction. Unless you know that your interviewer is a fellow alum, your best bet is to leave that ring at room. The same goes for any other ring, because they’re absolutely unnecessary.

4. A Watch Other Than…

Other than a ring, the only really acceptable piece of jewelry that a man should wear is a wrist watch.

Even though a watch is an appropriate piece of jewelry, there are some that should be avoided. We’re talking about any watch you would wear to the gym or one that you wear during an outdoor activity like golf, fishing, etc. That also goes for a flashy watch that you have when you hit the town. Even if these watches are nice and fashionable, you need to stick with a conservative metal watch during a job interview. It will go nicely with a your suit and won’t be a distraction.

Remember, less is more and no jewelry is better than cheap or loud jewelry. That rule especially applies to watches.

3. Trendy Cufflinks

Since cufflinks are usually made out of precious metals, such as yellow and white gold, platinum, titanium, silver, etc., and serve as decorative accessories, they can definitely be considered men’s jewelry.

Monogrammed, gold or sterling silver cufflinks are all quality items that could add elegance and sophistication to your appearance. Adding that hint of elegance and sophistication can transform an ordinary outfit into something really eye-catching that says “I pay attention to the finer details”. And, that’s a great first impression to make for a potential employer. However, you should avoid trendy, functional or non-conservative cufflinks. They will totally ruin all the benefits that cufflinks can offer. Instead, you need to stick with the traditional classic style cufflinks. University and sports cufflinks can be acceptable, they can even spark a conversation, but what have been saying this entire time? Less is more.

2. What About a Bracelet or Necklace?

Seriously. These should definitely stay at home, unless you’re wearing them for a religious reason.

The only plus about a necklace is that it will most likely won’t be visible, but a bracelet may slip out from your sleeve. For the last time, because we can’t stress this enough, wear as little jewelry as possible. A job interview is not the time or place to flash your accessories.

1. Piercings

Do we even have to go here?

If you have any visible piercings (we don’t care or want to know about the ones we can’t see) remove them. Even if you land the job, your days of pierced body parts should be behind you. It’s time to grow up and give up that dream of becoming a pirate like Jack Sparrow.

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